Monday, June 25, 2007

New Movie "Jockstrap" & Events.

At Buca restaurant for Steven Scarborough's birthday.

Having fun on live radio (92.7 in San Fran)Francesco, Ty Lebouff, & Vinnie

Francesco, Vinnie, Rupaul(out of drag), Ty Lebouff & Roma(out of drag)

Tyler Rigz & Vinnie on set of "Jockstrap". Recognize the area?
In store during the shoot at Mr. S Leather San Fran.
Back in the changing room trying on things for the scene.(this is part of the movie)
While in San Fran i was very busy. Had plenty of events to do plus filming the next film called "Jockstrap". To all you out there that are following my progression in the porn industry, this is a must see film. I know allot of you out there that have a fascination to see my ass and to see or want me get fucked. So here it is, my first time as a Hothouse exclusive that i go versatile in my scene. This scene was amazing. Tyler Rigz as my co-star as well and he had never been fucked on film either. So its a double amazing blowout for the first timers versatility thing. So check it out when it is released.
On another subject, unfortunately my camera broke so i did not have many pics to share this time, but have gotten a few from other sources. Thanks to you guys out there that send me pics of some events i have done.
The first image is of all the Hothouse crew at dinner at a family restaurant. Of course we had to surprise Steven Scarborough(president of Hothouse) topless, with a birthday cake. He was so surprised. Believe it or not he shared a birthday with at least 10 other tables in the restaurant. It was like national birthday day. Every 5 minutes they were celebrating another birthday with a song. Was uncanny! to say the least.
One of the events is a radio show. Wow was i tired that day. A call time of 5am in the morning was grueling since i am not a morning person but was fun cause we got to meet Rupaul of which appeared directly after us.
Then Also i had an appearance at Starfucker(deco lounge bar) which was the promotion for my latest released movie "Tough Stuff" where i was a judge for the big dick contest. Props to you guys there that had enough nerve to pull your cocks out and compare. Sorry no pics of that since there was nudity and im sure the patrons that entered the contest would not wanna be on record.
Gay Pride was nice as well. We had a float that was a fire engine. Eventually i will get some pics to put up but just keep posted to check them out when some of you out there get the pics to me.
Only thing about Gay Pride i didn't like was that is was so cold in the morning and our outfits were speedo's. I ended up catching a cold. Oh well the sacrifices we have to make to look good.

Polk Gulch Apearance

Fracesco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Ty Lebouff, Vinnie, & C.J. Knight's grand entrance from the limo.
Look at the line waiting for us to arrive, it was around the block!! Wow!!
Thanks to all you devoted fans out there.

Vinnie interviewing C.J. Knight and Ty Lebouff. (Francesco in the background)

Hothouse bunch. Vinnie,Ty Lebouff, C.J. Knight, Alex Collack, & Francesco D'Macho

Here is one of the events i did while in San Fran. It was great. There was a line up outside around the block of fans waiting to get in there and meet the pornstars. Almost all of the porn companies had booths there to represent the porn industry and as always is a pleasure to meet you fans out there. For those who could not make it here are a few pics.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Folsom East & Woof Party in New York

Great image from the airplane of New Yorks Skyline.

It was an hour an a half shuttle bus ride touring most of New York when i arrived. Here is TimeSquare.

One of the Clubs i went too (Hiro).

Look at the garbage i eat while i was there. Whole Foods (known as whore foods by some)

Arpad(not wanting to be in the pic),Vinnie, & Colton Ford.

Vinnie in the luxurious New York Subway system on the way to an event.

No wonder i had to ride subway. Look at Our limo driver(lol) Passed out in the limo.

Arpad and Vinnie Having fun at a club.

Rafael Allencar & Vinnie.

Arpad Miklos & Vinnie at View Bar.

A Cute Friend of mine.

View Bar was where the Woof Party was. (Arpad, Max scott, &Vinnie)

Having a little fun in the booth at Folsom East.

Parker Williams,Blake Nolan, Vinnie, & Arpad Miklos.

Tony Serrano, Parker Williams, Vinnie, &Arpad Miklos.

Parker Williams, Vinnie, & Arpad Miklos in our underwear.

Folsom East was fun and nice to see all you supporting fans out there. Also seen allot of people i was hanging out with at Gay Disney. So glad all you could make this event and make it a memorable one. Thanks to max for a great time and view bar. Especially daddy woof and that sexy ass Brazilian cover model. I did stay 2 days before this event to check out a little of New York being the second time i have ever been there. Enjoy the photos of me having fun in New York. Of course the wild and crazy Vinnie that i am is reflected in some of these pictures.
Keep an Eye out for me, i am in San Francisco now and just shoot a film called Jockstrap. I will be doing allot of events here in the Castro and also Gay Pride so stop by the Hothouse booth to say hi or see me on the Hothouse (fire-engine) Float during the parade. Hope to see you all there and have a great time. Cheers!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Andersonville Street Fest in Chicago

Vinnie and friends at Sidetrak's in chicago.

Vinnie and a hot friend at the Andersonville street fest.

Vinnie at street fest in a art gallery tent. Thought it was a nice backdrop.

Well some people might want to know what i do on my free time. So here is an example. I do enjoy socializing with freinds and meeting new people as well as you fans out there. While not really on appearance type of events time i enjoy myself amongst friends and festivals in my home town Chicago. Everyonce in awhile i get a chance to enjoy my home city. The andersonville festival is just about 4 city blocks closed off for business's to set up little tents with smaples of there type of business products for people to view. I see it as just yet another excuse my city has to party.Why not i say!! So few pics i took amongst the 2 day event for what i call the second gay area(Andersonville) and for a miniture Market Days(Im sure you all are familiar with it).
Then i hung out afterwards at a great bar called Sidetrak's with freinds. Enjoy the pics.

Gay Disney

Vinnie, Matthew Rush & Clayton Evans @the Pool Party

Vinnie, Nick Marino & C.J. Knight @ Arabian Knights after hour party.

just me.. i think the first day of it all. look how white i was wow.

Hello everyone. i told you that i would post some pics as soon as i got them.. of the event for Gay Disney, and here they are.. so graciously given by a photographer(Dirk Baumgartl for Maenner Aktuell)from our European distributor Bruno Grmunder. Thnx bud.
So it was a pretty busy event. i woke up and did my regular routine and then hit the event. first the pool party from 3 to 6pm. then we went to the next from 8 till about 1am then the after hours from 1am till 8am. then the next day over again for 4 days. was a great time.. but took me a few days at home to get back into the swing of things. was great seeing Kathy Griffin again & highlight of the MGM party was seeing Donna Summers perform.
Was nice meeting alot of my fans there as well. Had great time with Matthew Rush and Clayton Evans on the terror mountain ride and roller coaster (love amusement park rides!!).
I hung out with a bunch of great guys(shouts out to my friends from master-beats in la was nice dancing with you guys). They made the trip well worth it. Cheers to you all!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Grabby Awards

Here are a few pics of me on stage at the Grabby Awards. Our Company won lots of awards. Was a little nervous but prepared since i was a presenter at the Vn Awards show as well(with Kathy Griffin). For all you out there that did not see the show i will be there next year and probably be nominated for a few things. We will cross our fingers on that one.
As for Gay Disney. Sorry no pics of that event since it was really about being out there and meeting the fans. So if any of you out there that read my blog meet me and took a picture with me there you can send it to me and i will post it. thnx

Vinnie announcing the nominee's

Vinnie and C.J. Knight

Couldn't help myself to play around a little at the Grabby's was waiting for someone to grab it.. but just kept falling out.

Proud to be a part of such an award winning team!! Congrats Hothouse (Steven and Brent,
Believe it or not that was only half the awards we won!!)

Look for me in New York for Folsom East and Woof. I will be making an appearance there then off to shoot my next film and gay pride in San Fran. See Ya there.