Monday, June 1, 2009

IML Chicago and the Grabby's

accepting the awards on stage

interview on the red carpet with sister Roma

Logan and i were very pleased of what this IML has brought us.
Not only is it our 1 year anniversary of being together (yes we met at iml then shortly after did the film the drifter where we fell in love and consummated it).
but we both were awarded at the grabbys for our movie "The Drifter".
We were awarded as follows:
1. Best Sex Scene Duo
2. Best threesome sex scene
3. best performer

1. Best Sex Scene Duo

and also we both shared the honor of our love story and where we first made love.....
yes"The Drifter won the title: Best Movie. That is a great accomplishment since all porn for the year is against it.
So we appreciate and thank you fans out there that voted for us. Without you it would not be possible and i am glad that you guys enjoyed our movie as much as we did ;-)
i wish i had some pics to show.. but unfortunately most of the time i hand my camera off to people to take pics.. but they always forget ... so.. the few i have are from fans sending them to me..