Thursday, June 14, 2007

Andersonville Street Fest in Chicago

Vinnie and friends at Sidetrak's in chicago.

Vinnie and a hot friend at the Andersonville street fest.

Vinnie at street fest in a art gallery tent. Thought it was a nice backdrop.

Well some people might want to know what i do on my free time. So here is an example. I do enjoy socializing with freinds and meeting new people as well as you fans out there. While not really on appearance type of events time i enjoy myself amongst friends and festivals in my home town Chicago. Everyonce in awhile i get a chance to enjoy my home city. The andersonville festival is just about 4 city blocks closed off for business's to set up little tents with smaples of there type of business products for people to view. I see it as just yet another excuse my city has to party.Why not i say!! So few pics i took amongst the 2 day event for what i call the second gay area(Andersonville) and for a miniture Market Days(Im sure you all are familiar with it).
Then i hung out afterwards at a great bar called Sidetrak's with freinds. Enjoy the pics.

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Doug said...

Glad to see you have time to relax. The pool party in the previous post sounded exhausting (though you looked damn good in the little black swim suit).