Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New York Than Europe

Ok.. so i know i didn't write for awhile and then i put 3 entries back to back..
just had other things i was working on.. such as "The Drifter" Website.
alright so latest news is i will be in New York on the 10th thru the 13th for 3 events.
1.Avn Expo
2.Hustlaball (New York)
also after party at the club Rebel.
3.Woof (the View Bar) for "The Drifter" release party

So look out New York here i come again.
Looking to see you all there and don't be afraid to come up and say hi.. i don't bite!!
Well at least not unless you want me too.. lol

Then i am off to europe for filming in London and France possibly and Germany.
So wont be back in the usa until the 16th of Nov.
so if your looking to contact me you can do so thru my email.

Tina Turner Concert in Chicago

Well this is an entry that you wont see very often.. since it is my private life.
But i have to share it with you guys out there.
I recently went to the second concert that i have ever been too.. which happens to be Tina Turners last tour of all time.
I thought it was significant enough to write about since i haven't written anything in quite awhile.
Well a friend and i went to this concert after finding tickets on craigslist for pretty much the front row for about $60 bucks. Wow what a deal that was.. i thought. Well turned out to be a bad one when i couldn't get the tickets forwarded to me from the ticket master until like 8pm when the concert started at 7:30pm.
Well Tina Turner was worth all the trouble. Once we got there only 4 songs had been sung already and it turned out to be a fantastic show and it was simply amazing. Wow does that women got energy for being 68 years old .. and she sounds just like she did when she was younger.
Fuck i was having a blast. I danced my ass off and sung along with her only to see her get on a crane platform that swung out above the audience like 5 feet away from me. This was a close up of Tina and she winked at me..(Wow!!)it was probably cuz i had my shirt off and was sweaty as hell dancing my ass off to her songs.
It was funny but at the intermission when i went to go to the bathroom and also get a few hot dogs... i kept getting stopped by many people.. asking me if i was just up on stage.. lol.. funny as hell but i knew it was people that recognized me and just wanted to say hi.
I wasn't prepared for that.. since the ticket thing got me in such a rush.. i had no time to groom myself or make myself presentable..(unshaven & looking rough). oh well.. i didn't care i was going to see Tina Turner and didn't care what i looked like at that point .. i just wanted to get to the concert already.
It was a great concert and i had a blast.. it was fun to do since i hadn't done anything for myself in a long long while other besides work.. and trying to make money to pay my bills.
Here are a few pics of the concert...and there is one of me unshaven and with my friend having a good time. notice the lady behind me trying to be in picture too.. she was a riot.. i gave her energy from me dancing so much she got into it too..
anyone that wants to see some vids of the concert along with the blurry pics.. goto
most of the pics were blurry cuz i was dancing and my camera was kinda messing up.. so..

Catching up with recent events

Well i know i haven't written anything in awhile.. so.. here is what i have been up to lately.
The last event that i was at with my boyfriend "Logan McCree" was Folsom Street Fair.
After flying to San Fran after one week with my boyfriend in Chicago we both had work as in movie scenes as well as the big event at Folsom.
It was great to see all you fans out there and other colleagues. Although it was a little different for me this time not being in a booth as a model in a contract. It was a pleasure working in a booth with my boyfriend. He has become so popular and am very proud of him that he has made it to the top of the pornstar list and one of the top guys now!! He deserves it from all his great films and hard work!!.
We both enjoyed the Gloss Magazine booth. A friend of mine was running it so it was fun being there. Although Raging Stallions didn't have a booth.. all the guys from raging showed up and signed autographs. Sorry to those fans of mine out there that wanted me to sign something.. since i am no longer with one studio and am solo... i didn't have any model cards to sign and give out. That will be soon rectified so next time you will be able to get one. Although i just simply signed the movie poster for "the Drifter"
Also the Raging Stallions party at the end up was fun.. when we got on stage and played around.
It was a little too crowded for me and Logan .. so we ended up retiring early.
After that we pretty much were spent and didnt goto anymore parties.
Besides we both aren't really big party type of guys... so..
below are some pics of us in the booth. Enjoy!!