Thursday, July 2, 2009

New movies out...

Hello i know i haven't written in awhile.. but been very busy with life things..
but just wanted to show you the new vids that are out with me and my partner Logan McCree.
The First one we did for raging stallions called" Porn Stars In Love". You can see a real nice gallery of it on my website here. This is a real life view of how real porn stars are in relationships in real life.. and a little inside view of their real life sex.

The other one that has just been released is from Alphamale. When Logan and i were in London for hustlaball we also shot a movie called "Out On The Hit". This movie was probably the last movie we will be able to do together since we have done 3 in total together and you guys are probably tired of seeing that. but here are the movies in case you don't know:

1. The Drifter -Raging stallions (award winning "love story" where we fell in love)
2. Pornstars In Love - Raging Stallions (shows a different view of real life partners sex)
3. Out On The Hit - Alphamale Media (hardcore real acting in this movie)

these 3 movies are great and if you haven't seen yet.. you need to rent them or buy them. they are a must have!!