Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Cool x-mas tree and me

snowflakes on tree

curling branches tree with snow frost

me and my man

showing all the snow on the way home

cool cabin and winterized pine tree

Damn look how deep this snow is!!!

So to start off i am in germany writing this.. so the pics i am gonna include are from over here.. and its damn cold.... the last forecast was -20 fahrenheit ..... wow!!!.. it doesnt matter how much you wear, you still get chilled to the bone.
Well the reason for being here is my boyfriend Logan McCree. I decided to come and spend my birthday, his birthday, xmas, and new years with him. It was great. If you have a boyfriend then i think these holidays you must spend with him it makes it soo much better. I have to say in the past 7 years, if i was in a relationship, it seemed to end before my birthday or these major holidays, so it was nice to spend it with the one i love and actually have someone i love in my life during these secial days.
Well im sure you guys know what i am talking about.
Well i am flying back to chicago tommorrow.. and as my friends tell me it is damn cold there too with lotsa snow. Well it doesnt really matter since there is like 2 feet of snow here in germany from the past week of snowing. I have to say even though i hate the cold, i do love the snow fall and the way the trees and grass look after a fresh snowing. I am a little sad going back home. Im to used to being in a bed with my boyfriend and using his body heat to warm me up from cuddling on those cold nights. ;)
One of the photos is of a tree that most gay people put the branches in decoration vases with other flowers and natural looking stuff. Was interesting seeing a live living tree of these branches.. and also covered with frost snow.
All right that is enough for now. here are a few pics of me freezing my ass off..