Sunday, May 31, 2009

London Hustlaball

Well another great event that is now in the past.
We really enjoyed London Hustlaball. The venue was great.
Logan and I were in London and did an appearance at the Dv8 Store in Soho and also shot a film for Alphamale. Yes we got special permission for us to do a film together for another studio.
So be looking for this video.. it was fun making it and it is gonna be hot hot hot!!
So this trip ended up being kinda a work week.. with many things we had to do besides the hustlaball.
So this event was the grand finish of it all.
We both agree that we would love to spend more time in London next time. That way we would be able to be seen by you fans out there as well as we could enjoy the city a little bit.
Its hard enough coming to a foreign land but not being able to be tourist is kinda a shame with such a beautiful landscape and history of the city to be schooled in.
Unfortunately my camera is outta commission so i don't have any pics.. the few i have included i had to search for on the Internet.
here is a link to the utube vid of Hustlaball

and images can be seen on this website