Monday, June 25, 2007

Polk Gulch Apearance

Fracesco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Ty Lebouff, Vinnie, & C.J. Knight's grand entrance from the limo.
Look at the line waiting for us to arrive, it was around the block!! Wow!!
Thanks to all you devoted fans out there.

Vinnie interviewing C.J. Knight and Ty Lebouff. (Francesco in the background)

Hothouse bunch. Vinnie,Ty Lebouff, C.J. Knight, Alex Collack, & Francesco D'Macho

Here is one of the events i did while in San Fran. It was great. There was a line up outside around the block of fans waiting to get in there and meet the pornstars. Almost all of the porn companies had booths there to represent the porn industry and as always is a pleasure to meet you fans out there. For those who could not make it here are a few pics.

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Anonymous said...

Can not wait to see you in "Jockstrap".
Vinnie .... flip floping....Hmmmmmm!