Thursday, June 7, 2007

Grabby Awards

Here are a few pics of me on stage at the Grabby Awards. Our Company won lots of awards. Was a little nervous but prepared since i was a presenter at the Vn Awards show as well(with Kathy Griffin). For all you out there that did not see the show i will be there next year and probably be nominated for a few things. We will cross our fingers on that one.
As for Gay Disney. Sorry no pics of that event since it was really about being out there and meeting the fans. So if any of you out there that read my blog meet me and took a picture with me there you can send it to me and i will post it. thnx

Vinnie announcing the nominee's

Vinnie and C.J. Knight

Couldn't help myself to play around a little at the Grabby's was waiting for someone to grab it.. but just kept falling out.

Proud to be a part of such an award winning team!! Congrats Hothouse (Steven and Brent,
Believe it or not that was only half the awards we won!!)

Look for me in New York for Folsom East and Woof. I will be making an appearance there then off to shoot my next film and gay pride in San Fran. See Ya there.


Doug said...

Thanks for the pics, Vinnie. Wish I could have been there. You Hot House guys are so sweet. By the way, I just saw Communion: your scene was smokin': the moment near the end of your scene where you grab Matt and kiss him is one of my favorites.

sean said...
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Anonymous said...

A french guy...
hi vinnie!
just want to say that you seems a great guy who likes simple things and is very nice
i hope you to live amazing things ( i thing its actually the case)

i have myspace if you want see it just answer me