Thursday, June 21, 2007

Folsom East & Woof Party in New York

Great image from the airplane of New Yorks Skyline.

It was an hour an a half shuttle bus ride touring most of New York when i arrived. Here is TimeSquare.

One of the Clubs i went too (Hiro).

Look at the garbage i eat while i was there. Whole Foods (known as whore foods by some)

Arpad(not wanting to be in the pic),Vinnie, & Colton Ford.

Vinnie in the luxurious New York Subway system on the way to an event.

No wonder i had to ride subway. Look at Our limo driver(lol) Passed out in the limo.

Arpad and Vinnie Having fun at a club.

Rafael Allencar & Vinnie.

Arpad Miklos & Vinnie at View Bar.

A Cute Friend of mine.

View Bar was where the Woof Party was. (Arpad, Max scott, &Vinnie)

Having a little fun in the booth at Folsom East.

Parker Williams,Blake Nolan, Vinnie, & Arpad Miklos.

Tony Serrano, Parker Williams, Vinnie, &Arpad Miklos.

Parker Williams, Vinnie, & Arpad Miklos in our underwear.

Folsom East was fun and nice to see all you supporting fans out there. Also seen allot of people i was hanging out with at Gay Disney. So glad all you could make this event and make it a memorable one. Thanks to max for a great time and view bar. Especially daddy woof and that sexy ass Brazilian cover model. I did stay 2 days before this event to check out a little of New York being the second time i have ever been there. Enjoy the photos of me having fun in New York. Of course the wild and crazy Vinnie that i am is reflected in some of these pictures.
Keep an Eye out for me, i am in San Francisco now and just shoot a film called Jockstrap. I will be doing allot of events here in the Castro and also Gay Pride so stop by the Hothouse booth to say hi or see me on the Hothouse (fire-engine) Float during the parade. Hope to see you all there and have a great time. Cheers!

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