Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 Nominations for European Gay Porn Awards

The latest that i heard of things that are happening in the gay porn world is the European Gay Award Nominations. Believe it or not i am nominated for 2 awards this year. Check out the nominations on the website I hope all of you out there can vote for me in these award categories. It would be great to bring some awards home.
The 2 categories that i am nominated for are:

Best Top: in the film Communion


Best Solo: in the film Tough Stuff

Click Here to Vote for me in these 2 Categories!!

Be sure to leave me a comment to this blog entry telling me you voted for me. thnx

I've included a few pics from various movies i have done for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Above Pic is from the First Film i was ever in "Trunks 3"

Above Pic is from the first film i ever did for Titan "The Boiler"

Above "Tough Stuff" Was one i was nominated for "Best Solo" Be sure to vote for me at Gayvns!

Above "Communion" I was Nominated for "Best Top" Be sure to vote for me at Gayvns!

Below is the latest release from a Titan movie i did a year ago.

Thnx again for all your support and admiration. Without you i would not be possible.
Vinnie D'Angelo

P.S. Below is a compilation of a few vids i did in the interview, on the set of The Movie"Communion" & the films i did before that movie were: Trunks 3 and Full Throttle as noted in the short clips in the video.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

TrannyShack 2007

After a long drive back from Fresno Hothouse had sponsored trannyshack of which the hostess(Heklina) had done a photoshoot with us that got put on the cover of gloss magazine. Check it out in your local gay clubs and stores. I think it is the nov issue. Here are a few pics of the event.
Sandra Bernhard and also James St. James were also in attendance at this event, for you that missed out on going to this event enjoy the pics.
you can check the event out once the post it on there website as well @

Fresno California Gig at the Den

A guy that tattooed his own cock..we call him 8-ball, with Dominic Sol

Dominic Sol & Vinnie being raffled off for breakfast for the next day.

Vinnie, (raffle winner), & Dominic

EZ and Dominic Sol

EZ & Vinnie

Beginning of our show.. what a beginning!!

Had to take advantage of him.. but then again cant rape the willing.

Yum Yum his ass tasted good!

Yes he is actually sucking my cock. oops!!

end of set. waving bye

After the show we did a raffle for a shot off of Dominic's Ass... was a great shot. got me drunk... lol

Hello guys ... haven't written anything on here in awhile sorry i am now. Been very busy with personal stuff so haven't had a chance to do much lately.
Porn has been keeping me busy, having shot the next film on the list (still yet to be named), but i can tell you that it has an office theme to it and I'm gonna leave the rest to your imagination.

Fresno was a experience since it was a 3 and a half hour drive there, it was a good road trip.
The people there are very nice and was great meeting you all there. There was one drunk woman(believe it or not) that was loud and obnoxious yelling out vulgar things while the show was going on and also a drunk cowboy that got wrestled out of the bar by the manager during the show as well. And the only thing that can be said about that from the Fresno people is, "ONLY IN FRESNO!!!! LOL!!"

All in all it was a good gig and it was nice meeting more fans out there. Also one of the fans won a breakfast with me and Dominic Sol, so the next day I was able to socialize with him over breakfast. He was a very nice person and it was a pleasure to eat with him and talk.
Alright here are a few pics from the event and yes it was a makeshift stage outside .... which turned out to be very unique in itself.