Sunday, July 22, 2007

Images Bar & Club Pittsburg

vinnie @ images bar

winner of raffle dvd giveaway

vinnie and weeeeeneeeir!!

packed bar for the event

great front desk clerk.. by the way he only enjoyes oral sex.. lol.. yea right.. lol

john(clubbpittsburg facilitator) n vinnie

Drag Queen extraordinare esta and vinnie

Very nice city and nice guys here that i worked with in pittsburd penn.. had a great time.
here are a few pics that i am submitting to give you an idea of shows i did.. cheers!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

August 2007 Issue of Unzipped

I am so proud to announce (after being notified by a fan) that i am the model for the cover and centerfold of the august 2007 edition of Unzipped Magazine. It was a pleasant surprise cuz those of you out there that a subscribers of the magazine regularly get the issues before even we knew about it. Thnx to you out there that notified me. I hope you like it. I will have signed issues for those of you fans out there that would like one. Goto my website at

I have created a new store for those of you fans out there that like items that have the Vinnie Dangelo scent on them, such as previously wore Jockstraps, autographs, and other items. Check it out while supplies last. Dont forget to nominate me for the cybersocket best website by clicking the blinking cybersocket icon on the home page.
I will be making an appearance in 2 clubs this month in Pittsburg.
Images bar & Club Pittsburgh for those in Pittsburgh that have been waiting for me to come there.
See ya there.

Monday, July 9, 2007

San Fran as a tourist.

Just recapturing the beauty of life and living.

Steve loves showing me his ass.

Of course we had to have a little fun time release.

Steve Cruz and Vinnie. Made it to the top!!

Vinnie on the mountain looking down.

Closer view of the city from above the clouds on the mountain.

Best view of the city above the clouds.

Look at this windy road up the mountain. The fear of heights started kicking in, or should i say the fear of falling off of a mountain.

Beautiful scenery on the way up the mountain

A Deer within arm reaching distance in the redwood trees.

Looking from afar wanting to go over to alcatraz but didnt get tickets in advance.

The closest i got to Alcatraz.

Vinnie in San Fran.

Close up of the view of city thru the Golden Gate bridge.

Steve Cruz & Vinnie at best view of city without fog!

In my whole career as for filming and such in San Fran i hadn't had a chance yet to go and venture out and see the true beauty of San Francisco. So as a tourist after my last movie filming i extended my visit a few days to see the sites. As a friend of mine (Steve Cruz) shows me the sites, here are a few pics i took as tourists.
I tried to goto alcatraz but it seems you have to buy tickets in advance to go there. Didnt know it was soo popular to have to buy tickets in advance, so i just took pictures of it from afar, but i did get a chance to goto Mt Tamalpias where the view of San Fran was amazing above the clouds and thru the golden gate bridge and also Muir Woods where the largest, prehistoric trees in the world still exist(the Giant Redwoods & Douglas furs).
Even got some candid shots of me and Steve Cruz playing around although i was sick as a dog with a fever for 3 days from the pride parade were we was wearing speedo's on the fire engine float(the things we do for our art and to look good). All better now after 2 weeks. Thank God!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Trunks 4 behind the scenes.

Nick Marino & Vinnie on set of film Trunks 4.

Candid shot of Vinnie burning up in the sun.

During some still photography for the film.

Brent(creative director of hothouse) and Vinnie.

Hey can you put some lotion on my back?

Well can't show you nudity on the blog but here is close as you get. A reflection of some action.

After the tragedy of Kent North, it threw me for a loop. What a nice guy for something like that to happen it just put me in a very sad mood for awhile. Sorry about not putting entry's in here but i had to give it all a rest to recuperate for his sake.
Now i am back and there are a few things i missed to put in so i will do it now. Enjoy.
Here are a few pics behind the scenes of me and my scene partner Nick Marino on the set of Trunks 4 that was filmed in may.

In memory of Kent North

Hot House Entertainment announced today it had learned that Lifetime Exclusive and dear friend Kent North died on July 4th. “We are all shocked and deeply saddened,” said Hot House President Steven Scarborough. “Our deepest sympathy goes out to Kent’s friends and family, especially his lover Lloyd.”

Anyone wishing to send cards or condolences to his lover Lloyd should address them to Hot House Entertainment, 1433 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

I am shocked as well as dismayed. It is very sad to have known someone, that was such a great person, to come to such an untimely end.

As a personal note. Kent was one of the good guys out there that always had a smile on his face. It was a pleasure working with him and knowing him. Never do i remember anything but smiles on his face and a chip cheery attitude. My condolences go out to his loved ones. He will be missed!!

Gay Pride in San Francisco

Hothouse men in there firemen outfits. That came off very shortly after the pic was taken.

more of the hothouse staff that were gaurding us on the float from fans.

man for it being as sunny as it was there sure was a full moon. Guess which is me!

Looking and having fun on the float.

Waving to all you out there.

This is Gay Pride in San Francisco. It was a great turn out and allot of people where there to be in the festivities. We were on a rented old firetruck classic. what a float! it was great to have a firefighter theme going on which is one very masculine type of fantasy for many.
I was glad to be a part of it.