Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gay Disney

Vinnie, Matthew Rush & Clayton Evans @the Pool Party

Vinnie, Nick Marino & C.J. Knight @ Arabian Knights after hour party.

just me.. i think the first day of it all. look how white i was wow.

Hello everyone. i told you that i would post some pics as soon as i got them.. of the event for Gay Disney, and here they are.. so graciously given by a photographer(Dirk Baumgartl for Maenner Aktuell)from our European distributor Bruno Grmunder. Thnx bud.
So it was a pretty busy event. i woke up and did my regular routine and then hit the event. first the pool party from 3 to 6pm. then we went to the next from 8 till about 1am then the after hours from 1am till 8am. then the next day over again for 4 days. was a great time.. but took me a few days at home to get back into the swing of things. was great seeing Kathy Griffin again & highlight of the MGM party was seeing Donna Summers perform.
Was nice meeting alot of my fans there as well. Had great time with Matthew Rush and Clayton Evans on the terror mountain ride and roller coaster (love amusement park rides!!).
I hung out with a bunch of great guys(shouts out to my friends from master-beats in la was nice dancing with you guys). They made the trip well worth it. Cheers to you all!!

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