Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jacksonville Metro Event

Metro was a great bar filled with many variations of people.. from gay to straight.. and something in between.
Top floor being a female strip bar to the drag bar on the first floor in back to the dance floor with main stage with male strippers and entertainers like me.
The people that manage and staff the bar there were great hosts and made my visit a pleasant one.
While watching a little bit of Chi Chi's hosting and performance i recorded some small clips of her on stage.

Here are a few pics of me and Blake Riley on stage.. which shows how much fund we had.
Check it out.. and see what you missed.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pittsburg Eagle

Pics from one of the performances

The Eagle was a great experience in Pittsburgh. Great city and great people there. Fritz (the manager) made my stay there a very pleasant one. Thanks Fritz!! It was a great time for me, even as a performer, and i look forward to appearing there again sometime soon.
I did 2 shows and also signed autographs with the fans in between the sets. I also pulled someone out of the crowd to play with and ended up striping him down on stage in the second performance. I thought he was a little shy, but he didn't seem to mind as it was happening. If you guys are ever in Pittsburgh check the Eagle out. It is kind of a drive, and out of the way, but it is well worth the navigating to get there. The club is huge. Not a traditional Eagle at all. The inside of the club sported different themes on each floor. Have you ever heard of an eagle with more than one floor? or most other bars for that fact. This bar had 4 floors. and the top floor being a huge stage area for performers. The first floor was setup like a pool hall. The second floor had a huge dance floor, and the third floor was like a regular neighborhood bar lounge area. The outside of the bar, being very deceiving, looked like an old warehouse, being in an industrial area. The building was an old historic industrial warehouse i was told, in between two huge bridges. It was neat to look up and see these monolith's intersecting on both sides of the building. It made you feel kind of small although the building was huge. If you wanna check this club out here is there website, click the link to see: Pittsburg Eagle Club
on another note. I also ended up running into a old friend of mine when i was there as well. So it was great to catch up. When he found out i was there he made a b-line to come and support me. Him going through a family crisis this was a great escape for him, and a pleasure having a friend there to hang with as well.

Live and Raw with Blake Riley

Chi Chi LaRue

Blake Riley & Vinnie

Blake Playing on the ball doing abs before show

Blake getting in bed for the show

My first live and raw show for Chi Chi LaRue, (channel 1 releasing) was very nerve racking to think about. I wasn't sure what to expect at first. It totally felt like i was going to do my first porn again, way back in the beginning of my porn life. Once i got into the groove of things though, it went well. Troy, the host of the show, is a nice guy. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. My show partner was New comer of the year, Blake Riley. He was my scene partner in the movie Unknown as well, so it was kinda familiar territory, so to speak, if you know what i mean. It was cool to hear all you fans out there interactively, through logging in online talking to us as we are doing what you like to see us to do.. kind of a type of interactive porn i guess. Also ChiChi made a guest appearance to see how we were doing. Hi was great to know that she cared,so much, to find out if we were ok. Yeah sure. More likely maybe to peep in and see the hot action!! lol!! not sure which one it was but its all good either way cuz i love me some Chi Chi.
So knowing all that. You must tune in to see the next one. I have another Live and Raw show coming up with Superstar Johnny Hazzard, so tune in to see that in a few days. Its gonna be a scorcher!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hazzard Zone Movie

Johnny Hazzard

Vinnie,ChiChi,& Josh West

Adam Killian

Well am in L.A. right now and just shot a movie with famed porn star Johnny Hazzard for Chi Chi Larue's Rascal videos. Hot super hung Josh West is in this movie in a threesome scene with Vin Costas and Johhny Hazard as well. Thus the name Hazzard Zone. We will leave the rest to your imagination. This movie is bound to be a hit, With an all-star cast.
Chi Chi is such a great director and very candid as well. Thus the great personality we both share as outgoing individuals. Its always a pleasure to work with her. Adam Killian is also the camera man in this movie, Sexy Fucker, that made it hard not to look at the camera, Sweating from the heat of the scene and the lighting. Chad Hunt also there doing behind the scenes stuff made it an added bonus. This film is filmed at a sex club and there gives away the theme so you didnt hear it from me. This is gonna be a great film with many fantasies full filled, As well as many other things if you know what i mean. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy so check them out.