Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paris trip as a tourist

Hey!! lol he cant keep his hand off me.. lol

just sculpture in middle of cultural center.

just an amazing water fountain out in the middle of a road...

one of my favorite sculptures. (love angels)

The lourve museum.

San Michael (i call a castle) just turns out to be a church. very majestic though.

of course i gotta show some hot Parisian military men patrolling the Eiffel Tower.

Arc of Triumph.

Napoleons palace.

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame.

Was a great trip being a tourist. Had to see the sites being the first time to Paris. Beautiful city and people.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Paris event pics

These are a few pics of the paris appearance i made.
was great place called idm sauna.
had a great time there. see you at the next event in berlin then rome.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Event in Ft Lauderdale for Gay Pride and Vodoo Club

2 Hot!! Bartenders and me from voodoo club

Here are a few pics of this event for those out there who couldn't make it. Enjoy!!

This trip was amazing had so much fun meeting you fans out there. Thanks for your Support and Enthusiasm. I will come back to voodoo anytime they want me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Trip to Berlin Germany and Rome Italy

Berlin event
Rome event
I will be making an appearance in a local club in Berlin with Franceso D'Macho from the 6th of April thru the 9th. I am very excited for this appearance because it will be my first time ever in Germany. Appearing in the club there for them German boys is gonna be fun, (for the german iml show). After that the 10th thru the 17th i will be appearing in the club called Alien for the D.Bump party on sat the 14th. I am gonna love the time in between the gigs so that i can play tourist.. and hopefully come back with some amazing shots of Rome, and not to mention being close to Milan. I think i will go shopping. Hope to see you hot Italian guys there. Am looking to have some fun and meet some gorgeous men out there, And if all goes well i will be back soon.
Right now i am waiting to go to Ft Lauderdale to get outta the cold in Chicago. i will be appearing at the club called voodoo for gay pride down there. I know that will be allot of fun. Since gay pride always is.
keep it real!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

New movie with arpad miklos (very hot scene)

kia grant, Michael Clift(director)& Vinnie D'Angelo before our scene.

Arpad & Vinnie getting ready to film.

Arpad Miklos and Vinnie D'Angelo getting ready for a photo shoot for our next film.

This shoot was an exhausting one. But is gonna look great. I was very busy because not only did i have the movie to do but we had Vn Awards show that i was a presenter in also. Was on the go constantly. Hope you guys enjoy the candid shots.
this movie isn't anywhere close to being out and these are behind the scenes look at my scene partners.
I had a total of 3 scenes int his movie. so enjoy!! alot of power fucking in this movie. But my bottom scene partners took it all like champs. This movie is a construction worker theme. With alot of hammering and nailing going on.... literally.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Paris Trip

I will be going to Paris in March.. and will be gone for most the month.. i hope to have some great pictures to add to my blog for you guys to see. Making some appearances in clubs there as well as a paris magazine that i might be in hopefully.

Colt Anniversary Party

Beautiful building the colt party was held in.
Johhny hazard and Vinnie
Luke Garett, Vinnie, and Gage Weston.
Anton and Vinnie
OOPs did someone take a candid picture! oh well. having fun at the party with a hot guy. caught red handed or should i say red tongued.
This party was amazing. they did a great job in a great building in downtown san fran. I was impressed by the roman columns outside as we entered in. And the decor was fitting as well.
Meet alot of hot guys and important people there.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Vn Awards Ceremony and post cocktail party

Congrats to Matt Cole a friend of mine before porn. He Diserved it.
Andrew and I.
Jason Ridge and I.. Got Milk??
Sexy Martin Maza and me. Damn aren't Europe's men sexy!!
Congrats Steven on 3 awards for hothouse. Well done!!
This was a great event. alot of great people in the porn industry were there and i was able to meet alot of important people as well as be seen by them all on stage. Man was i nervouse, but came thru with flying colors.
It was great to rub elbows with Cathy Griffith of which was the host of the show even in the astounding dispair of a death in her family. What a soldier she was. U would have never known.
here are a few pics from the awards show and post-Vn Awards cocktail party.