Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Home at last.

Ok... so my trips where great but exhausting. After one day back in usa i rested and then the next day off to shoot new movie in palm springs(trunks 4). A epic in proportions to the original.. and the on going series for all you out there that enjoy bathing suits and a great tan line. The scene was great with Nick Marino as a scene partner for me. Hot Hot scene. check it out when it is released.
So finally a rest for the weary. I have been really busy and now i have a little time off to recuperate from the jet lag from europe. Although it is nice to get up early. I don't like going to bed early.

Alright enough for now. I will See you all at IML here in Chicago and at the Grabby Awards( I am an awards presenter at the show)

Here is a great pic with someone i work with called Roma. He is one of the world renowned Sista's. Everywhere i go.. there are Sista's. Even in europe. What a big club.
I always enjoy his company or should i say her company(sorry). This picture was taken on the set of the filming of Communion. This film is a great great film. You Have to see it!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rome event at Alien CLub for D'Bump

This trip was great.. i had a great group of guys hosting me and working with me.

Here is a church in Milan. Yep popped up to Milan for a day just to see the sites and shop.

This is the city square with all the ancient roman buildings surrounding it.

Adiano having some fun in the dark.. lol

Michele and me.. (coordinator of the event)

Here are some pics of my hot co-workers.(dancers on stage with me)

This first half of the show was a simulated sex scene.. very hot!!

this is the second half of the show.

Germany Mr. Leather trip and events

Good trip to germany for the mr german leather. It was the german comparitive to the iml in chicago. Check out the statue in one of there museums ..it was tucked away during the war and uncovered and found later(postwar). I thought it was ideal to show for the event that i was at. Very ironic i run into seeing this when i was there for an event that had to do with leather and kink.
Even there art is somewhat kinky. would have loved to run into the model of the statue.. lol

As a tourist i took a few shots to share with those of you that havent seen in life but only heard of and seen on tv.
Berlin Wall(whats left of it)
Mr belgium fetish and Mr Bear Berlin having some fun.

Man i run into sisa's all over.. lol
Hi Roma!!!

One of the hot guys at the store for leather and fetish stuff.