Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Market-Days in Chicago

Hello to all you out there that have been following me and my events.
thanks for your continued support.
This event in Chicago was a scorcher.. he i am in speedo's yet again..t eh major difference is it is not cold like San Fran was for there gay pride.. but yet it is the other extreme. Hot Hot Hot.
While i was working close to naked. I loo down every once in awhile to see my speedos sopping wet. Although that s not an unusual for speedos(cuz there meant to be wet) there was no pool around to entail that. I was sopping wet from the heat. sweaty sweaty heat. But the event turned out to be fun.. with the twister game we played to raise money for Chicago house(a charity)
Shots out to all u that donated to this good cause as well as got a chance to play twister and get intimately close to some of your favorite porn stars.
See you at the next event. Wetbar in Atlanta on august 30th.

J.C. Carter, Vinnie, & Brad McGuire

Vinnie in the steamworks booth. Working it. man was it hot out.

Vinnie & Matthew Rush and some buddies.

Cute guy & Vinnie

Vinnie, Nirmapaul, J.C. Crater & Brad McGuire in the steamworks office getting ready to work.