Monday, August 25, 2008

Working on website

Hello all. Sorry for not writing anything lately. But been very busy with my website lately. I have pulled a whole 2 day working regiment on my website the last few days.
and working straight. barely stoping to eat or goto bathroom. Now my hard work is coming to an end and i will be launching a new website promoting a new movie i have done. Unfortunately i cannot show you anything as of yet since the video has not been released. So you will have to stay tuned. no.. ok.. i guess i can let you see a glimpse of at least the title. This is just a teaser of the website mind you. So this should be released in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Donations to Vinnies Medical bill ($2500)

Help Vinnie pay medical bill of: "$2500"!!
Here are a few pics of me on crutches and the injury that occured to take me to hospital. believe it or not.. the ankle was the size of a grapefruit.. and this is actually after swelling went down after a week.. So as some of you heard i fucked my ankle up in San Francisco. Yes i am on crutches for some time with a "skiers boot brace" on. Don't worry.. i will heal.. but i did have to cancel a few appearances.. to allow for just that. Recuperation time as advised by the doctor. So i apologize to those in saugatuck and also in tampa that were looking forward to seeing me there at these events. All i have to say is life comes at you in many ways.. and you have to take it as it comes. For you out there that is wondering how i did this.. well here it goes.. It was pretty stupid actually..but i was running down the stairs to the muni station trying to catch the train that was already there. halfway running down the stairs i twisted my left ankle and grabbed onto the railing to protect it and then shifted my weight on the other foot of which was not securely on the step(being half on and half off) so in turn twisted the fuck outta that one. after the grooling walk home with help i observed the swelling to be about the size of a large grapefruit. Not good not at all i said to myself. But as of many here in the united states that have no insurance or cant afford it, i didn't want to goto the hospital because it would be an arm and a leg in cost. Well after sleeping on it overnight.. i woke to see that i couldn't even stand on it and it was turning colors (green blue and purple in areas) i was then told i should goto the hospital no matter the cost... i did listen. well the finality of a 5 hour wait in a community hospital. the results were that i had tore the ligaments in both sides of my ankle. To add insult to injury the 3 xrays they took showed that i actually had a hairline fracture and actually a bone fragment that chipped off the larger bone. oh fuck!!!! is what i said.. but after consultation with the doctor.. he gave a great prognoses. I will heal pretty fast being as healthy as i am.. so crutches and a Velcro type boot shoe called a skiers boot (for support of ligaments) was given to me to use. he advises me to go as i thought it felt.. but usually the boot can stay on for healing from 6 weeks up. but being that my injury was not supper severe that maybe depending on how it felt and healed i could be outta it at least by 3 weeks. if i was careful. well.. i did have a follow up visit with and ortho doctor to give me the final confirmation on how long and when to take it off.. well seeing that just the emergency room visit was costing me a couple thousand(of which i don't have to spend) i figured i would skip the ortho doctor visit.. since he is a specialist it woulda costed more than the whole thing put together. So there it is.. the whole dreadful story. Mind you that in these pics.. they are after i had iced it over night and had it propped up for most the day.. before these pics were taken.. so you cant see all the swelling that had occurred.
Well i am writing this to access some kind of help with this from fans out there.. cuz unfortunately i do not have health insurance. There is no such thing as pornstar health insurance. Allot of people will ask "don't you get paid allot for a film"? Well "NO" is the answer. Since everything is going online pay-per-view no one is buying videos anymore of which drives the price down for us that do the actual acting in the films, So in cases like these, the out of pocket expense is astronomical in comparison with someone that has health insurance. Until a new president comes in power and changes that(lets cross our fingers for universal health coverage)i will be shit outta luck in going for any kind of health care. Unfortunately this case i had no choice. So any of you great fans and supporters out there have it in your heart to help me out... it would be greatly appreciated!!! thnx
There is also an article on unzipped magazine about this running now.. so if you like to check it out i have a naked pic of me on cruches you can see!!

To send Donations with a check or money order,
Address it to:

Vinnie Dangelo
1476 W Foster APT#1W
Please make payable to: Johannes Roos

Online Donations can be sent thru Paypal Address:

Thank you to all those who can help and also to those who have it in there hearts to help but can not.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

on the road to recovery

hello all. sorry i havent written anything lately but i really had nothing to report. i have been nursing my injuried ankle. So now i have to report that it is doing much much better. It was worrying me a little bit cause it didnt heal as fasst ass the doctors said it should. But that might be due to the strong pain medication they gave me(Vicadin). Well being on that takes all the pain away so it is like not feeling anything to warn me that im doing to much for that day. Until the next day when it is sore and swollen. Well i am doing much better the swelling still exists but no bruising and it looks like a normal foot finally again. although it is still swelling up from time to time and i have to take it easy walking on it still. It is not a 100% yet but getting close i think its about 75% healed now.
On another subject the cost for the hospital bill is enormous. $5000.00 man i am telling you how this fucking country is a scam on medical stuff or what. If you dont have medical insurance they still charge you an arm and a leg. I only went to emergency room and waited 5 hours to see a doctor. had 3 x-rays and got cruches and a brace.. how does that cost $5000 dollars.
so i am asking for help from my supporters and fans out there and if anyone can help me by donating some money to help me pay this hospital bill i would be greatly appreciative. You see there is no such thing ass pornstar medical insurance.. and although it happened when i was just finished with a shoot, im sure the studio is not gonna help me with it.
So if any of you out there have it in your heart to help me you can send it thru paypal to that is my paypal account. anything that you can donate will be helpful. thnx again.
oh by the way unyipped magayine is doing an article on this subject as well with a few pics of me in there with a hardon with cruches. so check it out.
ok sorry there are no pictures to show at this point. but i promise the next posting will have some.cheers