Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Event in chicago for Pornfest tpan charity(2/7/07

Mark nagel (ran the event) and I.
One of the winners of the trunks 3 give away of the video that had not been released yet.

at lucky horshoe for event fund raiser.
Hello out there. to all you guys out there wanting to meet me in person. i will be appearing at lucky horeshoe bar.. for the porn-fest charity event for t-pan.
please come and support your community. I will be raffling off some videos, shirts, doing autographs and taking pictures for all you fans out there. The movie that i appear in, "Trunks 3", being raffled off, is a great thing.. since the movie hasn't even been released in stores yet.
its your chance to see me in my first movie before everybody else gets there copies in stores localy in 2 weeks. So don't miss out on this 'special' chance to get your copy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Back home in chicago (1/29/07)

Back home now and just a quick break before the next film. Missing the sun big time. its like 25 degrees here. wow.. really cold. anyone out there wanna keep me warm. Hope you fans out there like the blog i got going and continue to check on updates here and there.
thnx for your continued support.

Communion is a 5 alarm hit(1/22/07)

We’re only three days into filming Steven Scarborough’s new leather epic Communion and it’s already causing some serious heat - LITERALLY! As the set filled with our moody, smokey, special effects yesterday, a janitor in the building became alarmed and called the San Francisco Fire Department.
Within a matter of minutes seven firetrucks arrived and dozens of firemen swarmed the set, axes in hand, searching for the “fire”. Lucky for the firemen, the cast and crew were on a ten minute break from some pretty hardcore action. But that didn’t stop them from getting their ladders up!

Shooting backroom web broadcast for hot house with sexy Steve Cruz(1/22/07)

Isn't he sexy. Look for the web broadcast with Steve Cruz and me. was a hot hot scene.
look for it at Hothouse.com, backroom

Cocktails with the stars in l.a.

Collin O'Neil showing my ass. oops. what are you doing Collin?!!

having fun with Collin O'Neil

Francesco and Vinnie being interviewed.

Dirty Deeds Party in L.a. (1/16.07)

Back in the dressing room before the party getting ready.

Tongue from straight boy Robert Van damn.

getting the party started.Vinnie, Robert Vandamn, and Francesco.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Krave bar party we performed at in vegas.

Me in my chainmail outfit with a sista.

do you ever get to lick your own ass.. lol.
..mmm.mmm... minty fresh.. lol

tony meceli,
and marco paris

more pics from hustlaball

My favorite straight porn star "julian" and i.
me and francios sagat. and yes thats me on the poster in the background .. lol

tony dancer and me just off stage.

Jake Deckard and me kissing

4 days of hustlaball pics

chi chi Larue at piranha club
Vinnie and Alex Baresi

Tober bryant 1st scene partner for titan movie the boiler . u see the chemistry is still there huh.. lol

Ray Dragon and Vinnie.

Pics from the hustlaball.

Francesco D'Macho,Robin Byrd, And Vinnie D'Angelo
Interview With Robin Byrd

Vinnie D'Angelo And Collin O'Niel

Vinnie, Sexy Rafeal Alencar and Pres. of hothouse Steven Scarborough

Hot house booth at vn

Me and the guy from cybersocket scott boardman. Nice guy. He kept coming over to our booth to visit and see how we were doing. Another event later is scheduled with him interviewing in l.a. for cocktails with the stars at Mickey's lounge.
See ya there.

Vinnie D'Angelo

Bigmuscle.com owners and me.

Here i am having just arrived and unwinding in the bar at the mirage hotel with buds from hothouse that i work with. Unwinding before dinner to prepare for the event early in the morning. Looking forward to meeting all u fans out there.