Thursday, March 1, 2007

Vn Awards Ceremony and post cocktail party

Congrats to Matt Cole a friend of mine before porn. He Diserved it.
Andrew and I.
Jason Ridge and I.. Got Milk??
Sexy Martin Maza and me. Damn aren't Europe's men sexy!!
Congrats Steven on 3 awards for hothouse. Well done!!
This was a great event. alot of great people in the porn industry were there and i was able to meet alot of important people as well as be seen by them all on stage. Man was i nervouse, but came thru with flying colors.
It was great to rub elbows with Cathy Griffith of which was the host of the show even in the astounding dispair of a death in her family. What a soldier she was. U would have never known.
here are a few pics from the awards show and post-Vn Awards cocktail party.


JamesJames said...

Nervous?!!! You sure could have fooled me up there on the VIP Lounge. Too bad the pictures I took of you aren't well focused.

Vinnie D'Angelo said...

Yeah well thats why i was up in the vip lounge to relax and take the edge off. and besides i am a social person as you can tell.