Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Trip to Berlin Germany and Rome Italy

Berlin event
Rome event
I will be making an appearance in a local club in Berlin with Franceso D'Macho from the 6th of April thru the 9th. I am very excited for this appearance because it will be my first time ever in Germany. Appearing in the club there for them German boys is gonna be fun, (for the german iml show). After that the 10th thru the 17th i will be appearing in the club called Alien for the D.Bump party on sat the 14th. I am gonna love the time in between the gigs so that i can play tourist.. and hopefully come back with some amazing shots of Rome, and not to mention being close to Milan. I think i will go shopping. Hope to see you hot Italian guys there. Am looking to have some fun and meet some gorgeous men out there, And if all goes well i will be back soon.
Right now i am waiting to go to Ft Lauderdale to get outta the cold in Chicago. i will be appearing at the club called voodoo for gay pride down there. I know that will be allot of fun. Since gay pride always is.
keep it real!!!

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