Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paris trip as a tourist

Hey!! lol he cant keep his hand off me.. lol

just sculpture in middle of cultural center.

just an amazing water fountain out in the middle of a road...

one of my favorite sculptures. (love angels)

The lourve museum.

San Michael (i call a castle) just turns out to be a church. very majestic though.

of course i gotta show some hot Parisian military men patrolling the Eiffel Tower.

Arc of Triumph.

Napoleons palace.

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame.

Was a great trip being a tourist. Had to see the sites being the first time to Paris. Beautiful city and people.


Josh said...

I love you Vinnie!

You are so hot in those party photos. Your body is out of control!

Hope you are having a fun time on your trip. That is a really cute picture of you with the giant hand.

Wait til you see Communion. You look great in that too.

Jessica said...

This is unrelated to your "Paris Trip as a Tourist" post: On your BigMuscle page, you mentioned your philosophy/outlook on life. Have you read "Zen and the Art of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss? That book - a quick read @ 142 pages, if you haven't read it - seems to offer the same insight. I've just recently came to understand the same outlook as you, and - I must admit - it is surprisingly refreshing.

Also, I hope you enjoy[ed] yourself in Berlin. Hrmm... it's daytime there now, isn't it? Well, have a nice day.


Tom said...

Hey Vinnie!

Ah, I haven't been to visit the site in a few weeks, so it was great to discover you had a great time in Paris! It's my favorite city.

LOVE your caption of the picture of you with the hand. =)

Matt said...

Holy fucking shit, you're hot enough to finally get me out of the closet. Seriously, I'm dizzy just from looking at your picture. If some guy sinks to his knees in front of you next time you're in Ohio, it's probably me. Swear to god, I'd fucking beg for it.

B.Frank said...

Hi Vinnie,
Thnx for a great time with you and Francesco in Berlin. You guys are so HOT and Sexy and lots of fun too.
Frank, the lucky shirt catcher at Mr German Leather