Sunday, March 4, 2007

New movie with arpad miklos (very hot scene)

kia grant, Michael Clift(director)& Vinnie D'Angelo before our scene.

Arpad & Vinnie getting ready to film.

Arpad Miklos and Vinnie D'Angelo getting ready for a photo shoot for our next film.

This shoot was an exhausting one. But is gonna look great. I was very busy because not only did i have the movie to do but we had Vn Awards show that i was a presenter in also. Was on the go constantly. Hope you guys enjoy the candid shots.
this movie isn't anywhere close to being out and these are behind the scenes look at my scene partners.
I had a total of 3 scenes int his movie. so enjoy!! alot of power fucking in this movie. But my bottom scene partners took it all like champs. This movie is a construction worker theme. With alot of hammering and nailing going on.... literally.

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