Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished Tattoo

while being done .. notice drawing on side

yep that is the spot where i started feeling pain a little(armpit)

finished product after four, 6 hour, sessions totaling 4 months

Well my Tattoo is finally finished. The last trip to visit my man in Germany i got it totally done.
so i am sharing the pics with you for those that requested it.
Yes tattooing does hurt a little.. but for me i have a high pain tolerance so i didn't really feel it.
Just a little bite around the armpit area and that's it.. but not enough for me to say ouch!
I pretty much fell asleep as it was being done. Thanks to my man being the bright and alert(and of course a veteran at tattoos) he made sure everything was done to his design.
Yep i told him what i wanted and he drew it for me being the great artist that he is.
My tattoo symbolizes the war against light and dark, good and evil, and all things related.
Mine being my warrior spirits for good: a Dragon and An Angel... more specifically a white Dragon and Angel.
The both are charging off to fight for good. The Angel with sword drawn and the Dragon as back up to the Angel, both flying towards the battle. The tail of the Dragon wraps around and turns into the infinity sign that goes around the whole tattoo. It is a tribal type of artistic translation of "fighting for good for eternity or forever". ( for those who like the elaboration and meanings behind tattoos)
OK cheers .. enjoy the pics.


Izzy said...

Hi Vinnie!
Thank you for your response.
I was really interested... a process of the tattoo production that you experienced, and the meaning that those designs have.
I did not understand that the circle of the tail of the dragon drew an infinite mark, and the angel's shield is putting on the dragons mask.
Then, I see, all of your tattoo has a meaning in detail..... wow... very nice.
Your tattoo which matches you than anyone.

Izzy (from the country of the IRE-ZUMI) , with Love

Anonymous said...

Very cool tattoo, Vinnie!
Awesome artwork, Logan!

Cheers guys,

Kevin <3

The Gore Hound said...

That tat is gorgeous. What an incredible artist Logan is! :-) I only have something cute and girly on me...it's a little Pokemon character on my right shoulder. (Evie..a girl fox character). I'll have to try and get a pic taken of it because not only was it my first tat but it was my first custom. It's really cute. The outline hurt like a bitch. But after a while it was just an amazing rush. And yes, I plan on getting another one. It's just a matter of what to get and where. One of my favorite artists is Luis Royo and he has a book of tattoo designs. I'm thinking one of those. :-) Yeah, I think I need a tramp stamp.