Sunday, April 26, 2009

Papparazzi Type Magazine

A friend of mine was going to get his haircut at a saloon and he was reading a magazine... and he found me in the magazine.. hmm of all places in a paparazzi type chick gossip magazine of all places.
;-) funny as hell!! check it out.
And any of you know me .. i am a happy go lucky type of guy always playing around and making people smile.
so i was at the adult expo when we took this picture.
(adult avn expo)

i hope you all enjoy the laugh!!



Doug said...

that is too funny!

Marc said...

Hey, it's Marc. I don't have your e-mail but wanted to drop you a line. I'm living in Frankfurt Germany now. Congrats on the tattoo. Drop me a line.

Vinnie D'Angelo said...

mark.. you need to write me at
i am in germnay right now.. bud.. hit me up soon.. going to berlin tommorrow.