Friday, April 3, 2009

Gayvns Awards!!

awards for:
vinnie and logan best sex scene duo (for the drifter)
logan best 3 some
logan performer of the year

before the gayvns award show dressing up

out and about the city playing around happy after our awards

with friends at a restaurant

enjoying dolores park

hello to all.
i have great news that both logan and i are very happy about.
Thnx to your support out there (the fans and various organizations of porn industry)
we have been awarded trophy's for a few of the categories we were nominated for.
Logan and I was awarded for our movie "the Drifter" best sex scene duo. And for those that have not seen this movie, know that this is our love story( logan wrote) and that we feel in love on set in this movie. The sex scene in this movie is our love making for the first time.
You can see it at the website i created for this movie at:
The Drifter
also the other awarded trophys went to logan for "best 3 some" and also Performer of the year!!"

these awards make us feel very good and let us know our hard work and accomplishments were not for nothing and that they were recognized by many people and the whole porn industry... being that this award ceremony is the comparative to tv's emmy's and tony awards!
other besides that logan and i have just filmed the next in our relationship of films together called the couples movie(the name might change but this is the theme)
So look for another hot hot sex scene with us both.. and this time you will see the real life love making we have in this where i also go vers.
Well i have attached some pics of us in San Francisco having some fun in between filming and also a clip of us accepting the award for best sex scene duo on you tube.


glen0330 said...

Congratulations to both you and Logan on ALL your awards. You both deserved every one of them. I am a big fan of both of you and follow your blogs and glad to see these new pictures. You look very happy together and I wish both of you very happy lives together.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both! I think The Drifter was the best porn movie I have seen. I am glad it (and you both) were recognized. For me the emotion is missing in most porn. Your feelings for each other came across loud & clear. It was intimate & felt very real. Thank you so much for making that movie. I eagerly await the next one you mentioned.

Peace, Lynda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Vinnie and Logan!
I'm a big fan of you!
Because you are a very sexy man and all words that you show with your blog show forward, healthy gentleness of your character.
And I really really like all which you showed in The Drifter!
you know?
You guys made all people happy who shared "the single night of the opening of the love of your man with you".
So it is our happiness that you guys won best sex scene duo.
Hearty congratulations.

PS: Thank you for the release news of you two. I'm glad, I can see your real life being happy with Logan, and you both together on the film again!
PPS: Can we watch the completion details of your tattoo?

with love, Izzy

Thonnibg said...

I`m happy for your well deserved award!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinnie! <3
Hi Logan! <3

You guys and the love you share give me hope as a single 30 year old man in the gay community. I am so glad your genuine passion on the screen has been recognized and rewarded . . . it is so well deserved and I always look forward to movies starring both of you. You both are a huge inspiration and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. Thanks for being such a positive, beautiful light for our community.

Peace + Love,

Kevin :-D

Wonder Man said...

very well deserved