Sunday, March 23, 2008

Event in Jacksonville Florida

Im doing an event with ChiChi Larue and Blake Riley in Jacksonville.
This is gonna be a great show and a blow out of a party to all that can make it be ready for us!! See ya there!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feast of Fools Event for Steamworks Chicago

This event was a great one in the history of events i have done. The people i worked with were great and the promoter Nirmapaul (Steamworks) was a great person to work with.
The event was to promote steamworks of course. One of the safest and cleanest bathhouses out there. I guess they have locations all over the world. Even in puerto Rico. Wow. allot of places as outlets for sexuality that you don't want allot of people knowing.
The radio show that is called Feast of Fools was very fun. I was nervous at first but then i relaxed and became myself after about 5 minutes. You see doing films is totally done without much talking so to actually be in front of the camera, or the mic as it were this time, is a little unnerving to say the least. You see the already prepared script for porn you have no surprise questions. So it kinda gives you security in knowing what to say. But i got the hang of it. The ole Vinnie D'Angelo came out in this radio broadcast. So if you heard it then great but if you didn't I'm sure you can go to there site and check it out there:
The guys that hosted the show made it a fun one so i was glad to do it.

Hot Scene from Titan movie; to be released at IML

Vinnie Dangelo, ALex Baresi , and Tony Buff.. hot hot scene in next iml released film "Prison"
its been a long time coming, a scene with me and Alex, and to top that off with hot Tony Buff as well. I have waited for the chance to work with him. After my first movie with titan i was supposed to do my next film with Alex Baresi. I was so excited. But i signed on with Hothouse, which by default, disallowed me to do anything with titan let alone Alex Baresi. Now as a free agent i have done a scene with him finally. All i have to say is fortissimos.... bello Woof!! Wof!!.. fucking Hot!!!. Sorry just had to get it out in the open. Alex is by far one of my favorite hot masculine men that i find irresistible. I've always wanted to fuck around with him, for a long time. All i have to say now is you better get out there when this movie is released. It will be a very good one, by far. Tony Buff, with his huge cock, got me going on the other hand to satisfy my cock sucking fetish that i have for big cocks. So what can a man want more. Two hot Italians to be partnered with in a movie. Well that is for that scene... all Italian, me being Italian also.
Man i tell ya from the theme, to the action. Wow!! All i have to say is the floor was really really wet afterwards. Janitor to the set!!! bring the mop and bucket. lol!!!
ok thats all i am gonna give away for now. So you will have to see it for yourself.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Website News

New!! Please check out my website. I have worked on this pretty hard and got allot of new things here.
On Demand Theatre!!!
This new theatre allows you to be able to view a scene for whatever movie i am in per batum instead of having to buy the video itself. Check it out and enjoy. Just click the on demand button.
Also i have started a new Newsflash list!! Don't forget to enter your email address to get latest news on me!
A problem has been rectified. I was unaware of this problem until a few days ago when a fan let me know when they were trying to order something from my online store.
I had changed my email client on my server and didn't realize that the orders from my store were not going through after the new install.
Now this problem has been fixed so order away guys. Sorry about the hassle.
Any of you programmers out there that see any problem on my website.. please feel free to contact me via webmaster and i will fix it. or maybe any improvements. suggestions??
OK.. thnx and enjoy the website. It is there for you, the fan.

Whats been up lately.

Lotsa people partying

Josh West and Vinnie

Friend Terry and Vinnie

Hello to you all out there that have been following me and wondering what has been going on.
Just to report in i have been working my ass off. Well i got plenty of it.
After the Gayvns i have been doing alot of work. Also kinda taking some time to myself to enjoy life.
I went to winter party with a few friends of mine. Matthew Rush and Cristos and not to mention Mikey. You know who you
Meet allot of great people out there. The promoters of winter party were great people. Pulling us up into the vip area to hang out and enjoy the party from above. It was great having a birds eye view of it all and still yet being able to go out amongst all the hot guys and dance and then retreat to vip when it got a little too much.
Well back in cold chicago for a brief visit to home.
Next things i will be doing is a radio podcast interview with Fausto Fernos & Marc Felion in steamworks (chicago). Then off to work in l.a. filming and also appearances at a club in san diego.
So hope to see you all there.
Sorry for the length of time in between submitions on my blogg. I have been very busy and you know how life goes.