Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hot Scene from Titan movie; to be released at IML

Vinnie Dangelo, ALex Baresi , and Tony Buff.. hot hot scene in next iml released film "Prison"
its been a long time coming, a scene with me and Alex, and to top that off with hot Tony Buff as well. I have waited for the chance to work with him. After my first movie with titan i was supposed to do my next film with Alex Baresi. I was so excited. But i signed on with Hothouse, which by default, disallowed me to do anything with titan let alone Alex Baresi. Now as a free agent i have done a scene with him finally. All i have to say is fortissimos.... bello Woof!! Wof!!.. fucking Hot!!!. Sorry just had to get it out in the open. Alex is by far one of my favorite hot masculine men that i find irresistible. I've always wanted to fuck around with him, for a long time. All i have to say now is you better get out there when this movie is released. It will be a very good one, by far. Tony Buff, with his huge cock, got me going on the other hand to satisfy my cock sucking fetish that i have for big cocks. So what can a man want more. Two hot Italians to be partnered with in a movie. Well that is for that scene... all Italian, me being Italian also.
Man i tell ya from the theme, to the action. Wow!! All i have to say is the floor was really really wet afterwards. Janitor to the set!!! bring the mop and bucket. lol!!!
ok thats all i am gonna give away for now. So you will have to see it for yourself.


thonnibg said...

Can`t wait to see that scene!I`m more than intrigued now:)
You,Alex and Tony...mamma mia!I can imagine how excited you were to make that scene with these hot guys.
I`m sure I`ll love that scene too.And how could I not if it is at least as hot as your scenes in the other Titan flick "Gunner Sgt.McCool"(which I also loved) were!


Mark said...

Damn...a scene with you a those 2 stud? That's gonna drain me dry, man. Can't wait.