Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whats been up lately.

Lotsa people partying

Josh West and Vinnie

Friend Terry and Vinnie

Hello to you all out there that have been following me and wondering what has been going on.
Just to report in i have been working my ass off. Well i got plenty of it.
After the Gayvns i have been doing alot of work. Also kinda taking some time to myself to enjoy life.
I went to winter party with a few friends of mine. Matthew Rush and Cristos and not to mention Mikey. You know who you
Meet allot of great people out there. The promoters of winter party were great people. Pulling us up into the vip area to hang out and enjoy the party from above. It was great having a birds eye view of it all and still yet being able to go out amongst all the hot guys and dance and then retreat to vip when it got a little too much.
Well back in cold chicago for a brief visit to home.
Next things i will be doing is a radio podcast interview with Fausto Fernos & Marc Felion in steamworks (chicago). Then off to work in l.a. filming and also appearances at a club in san diego.
So hope to see you all there.
Sorry for the length of time in between submitions on my blogg. I have been very busy and you know how life goes.

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