Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Website News

New!! Please check out my website. I have worked on this pretty hard and got allot of new things here.
On Demand Theatre!!!
This new theatre allows you to be able to view a scene for whatever movie i am in per batum instead of having to buy the video itself. Check it out and enjoy. Just click the on demand button.
Also i have started a new Newsflash list!! Don't forget to enter your email address to get latest news on me!
A problem has been rectified. I was unaware of this problem until a few days ago when a fan let me know when they were trying to order something from my online store.
I had changed my email client on my server and didn't realize that the orders from my store were not going through after the new install.
Now this problem has been fixed so order away guys. Sorry about the hassle.
Any of you programmers out there that see any problem on my website.. please feel free to contact me via webmaster and i will fix it. or maybe any improvements. suggestions??
OK.. thnx and enjoy the website. It is there for you, the fan.


ronron said...

hi Vinnie! ive already signed up to your newsflash list... of course, id like to be updated with whats going on with you... im so glad youre back... hope you post more soon... including some behind the scenes from your Falcon movie... im sure a lot of fans are excited to see that!
keep it up, man!

thonnibg said...

Wow,Vinnie!Thanks so much for the link!
I`m a big fan:)Just added you to my friends` list,too!
Your website is teriffic!Great job.

And congrats on your GRABBYS nominations!

Many kisses