Thursday, November 20, 2008

germany gig

well while i was off in germany i did a few events there with my boyfriend logan McCree..
it was great.. cuz i originally went over there to celebrate a huge Halloween party that logan wanted to throw. Of which turned out great.
The first club we worked at will go unnamed cuz it was a club i wasn't familiar with and cant remember the name.. but it was huge.. and its 8th anniversary party.. so both logan and i worked there. here are a few pics..
mind you it was around holloween.. thus the outfits..


ronron said...

you look so beautiful Vinnie... im sure you made a lot of people happy there... wish i was there :-)

Thonnibg said...

Great pics!
Just saw the 3part vids with you over at The Sword.Love them!


glen0330 said...

Great pics. Looks like a great time. I also want to wish you and Logan MUCH happiness. Have been following him for a long time.

Scott said...

You're one of my favorites, I just saw one of your movies and couldn't take my eyes off you! Best of Luck

Andres Hassan said...

to see a pornstar in love gives me hope, I want to get into porn and still mantain a healthy relationship...good luck to you two...

Anonymous said...

Very sexy as always, guys!

You two are my favorite DYNAMIC DUO!

Hugs + Kisses,

Kevin :)