Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halloween party in germany

So the Halloween party was great.. it took us 3 days to prepare the cabin.. for the party.. so it was intense.. the outside had a graveyard with headstones that we create ourselves outta foam boards.. and allot of the stuff we made ourselves.. but we also while Logan was in America bought almost 300 dollars worth of Halloween things to make a good party.. you see its an American holiday so Germany doesn't really recognize it and sell Halloween products .. so to get really good stuff we had to buy over here.
but a few of the items we made ourselves.. and painted and they all came out pretty good and professional.
I myself put all the webbing up on the walls.. in the cabin .. and made it really spooky. it literally took from early in the morning to that night around 2 in the morning for one room. so we really did pay attention to detail.
Also we had some items that were kinda related to several different movie themes that inspired us with some of the things we created. Such movies as Jason, nightmare on elm street, Fred Myers movie where they take the skin off people and wear it.. etc. etc. etc.
so lets see if you can see in the pics where there are these items that relate to the movie.. kinda sorta like a game for you to see.
i will name all the items that we have .. and see if you can locate them.
1. Freddy Kruger hand(with knives)
2. skin of someones face(old Freddy Kruger mask)
3. dead baby doll (like puppet master movie)
4. Freddy Kruger
5. Scarecrow (from children of the corn)
6. Butchers Knives and tools (from whatever movie you want)
7. Graves from several different movie themes
8. Ghosts
9. spiders (how many do you count)
10. character from nightmare before Christmas story.
11. Torture Chamber
12. Tortured skeleton surrounded by web (spiders eat him)


alright i gave you enough.. there are more.. but you will have to figure them out on yourselves.
the evening went great. we rented 4 videos with different themes to watch through the duration of the night.
For example one of the movies was Blair witch project.
once we finished watching that ... we got everyone out to go in the pitch black into the forest with us.. and walk for a half an hour through trails.. hearing all the noises from the animals and the all hollows eve ghosts and ext..
of course we took the liberty of scary the shit outta people on the path.
Also this was a costume party.. so as host Logan and i dressed up.. and it was required that everyone be dressed up.
I wore a Dracula outfit. and Logan wore a death or reaper outfit.
so we were set..
and all our guests enjoyed themselves.. a total of 30 people i believe.
i also got proof that death was very busy that night.. ( i got a picture that death has a cell phone and was like.. hold on a sec .. i got a
also check out the ghosts that i captured on film.. on the path in the woods..
i even took a picture behind me asd i was walking and got some spookey eyes looking at me in background.. .. ok.. i know it was just flashlights if you look close enough..
OK enjoy the pictures.
so because it was so many pics.. and i want to share alot with you.. goto this link:
Halloween pics


Doug said...

Wow you guys really went all out for Halloween. Looks like you had a great time! (by the way, the "Halloween pics" link doesn't work).

Love the new tattoo. Can't wait to see what it looks like filled in.

Ben said...