Thursday, November 20, 2008

New tattoo

Yep, i finally broke down and got a tattoo. After many years contemplating it.. i finally decided to do it.
I just have the outlines right now.. but plan to have it finished by the time i come back from my next trip to germany to see my boyfriend, Logan McCree, in dec.. so jan when i come back it will be finished and i will be sure to post the finished product then.

i already know the questions that are gonna be asked.
did it hurt? the answer is yes but not to bad i couldnt stand it.. actually the tattoo person said finally someone that isn't a pussy that can take it without crying.
I guess even the most burly and strong guys faint or wine allot or have to stop when getting tattoo's.
So i guess i have a high pain threshold since i pretty much fell asleep while they were doing it. Only to be awaken to ask if i could move my arm and did it hurt.. how was i doing?
i simply said.. did you start yet? lol
yeah it didn't hurt at all to me.. although some places are more sensitive then others..
the other question is did i draw it myself? no i have to give credit to my man.. i told him what i wanted and he drew it for me and i am very happy to wear something he drew instead of just anyone... it means more to me then just the original reason for getting what i got on my arm...
which is a warrior dragon and angel. The are both white representing good and the eternal struggle to fight evil and let good prevail. So to me they are my warrior spirits that i am connected too and symbolically the represent me and the good that i live for and constantly strive for..
so here are a few pics of me in the tattoo parlor in Germany.
enjoy the pics!! by the way .. they are not finished yet.. this is just the outline.. so.. it will look totally different when it is finished and colored with white and black shading..


ronron said...

well, you look great even without tattoos... hmmm... but if its your decision, let it be.... hope that will be your only tattoo, cause i find you very lovely when i first known you about a year ago, when you still dont have that... but even if you have that now, i still admire you, cause youre still down to earth...
happy weekend!

Thonnibg said...

Even tho still a work in profress in these pics the tattoo looks beautiful,Vinnie!Hope it didn`t hurt too much.
Can`t wait to see it finished:)

Nick Moretti said...

Hey Vinny... I just saw a photo of you getting your tatt on another website and had to check out your blog for details. CONGRATS!!! It's gonna look awesome on you when it's done for sure. And just when I thought you couldn't get any hotter. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your body is perfect. I'm sure it'll look hot when its finished, but don't go crazy getting any more tatts.

Pick said...

WOW! Great tat!

I'm getting my first in May - also a half sleeve. Check out my blog for the first draft sketch if you want. So cool that your guy drew yours ... very special.

I look forward to seeing the finished product bud.