Saturday, June 14, 2008

Injury to complicate things.

So as some of you heard i fucked my ankle up in San Francisco. Yes i am on crutches for some time with a "skiers boot brace" on. Don't worry.. i will heal.. but i did have to cancel a few appearances.. to allow for just that. Recuperation time as advised by the doctor.
So i apologize to those in saugatuk and also in tampa that were looking forward to seeing me there at these events. All i have to say is life comes at you in many ways.. and you have to take it as it comes.
For you out there that is wondering how i did this.. well here it goes..
It was pretty stupid actually..but i was running down the stairs to the muni station trying to catch the train that was already there. halfway running down the stairs i twisted my left ankle and grabbed onto the railing to protect it and then shifted my weight on the other foot of which was not securely on the step(being half on and half off)
so in turn twisted the fuck outta that one.
after the grooling walk home with help i observed the swelling to be about the size of a large grapefruit. not good not at all i said to myself.
But as of many here in the united states that have no insurance or cant afford it, i didn't want to goto the hospital because it would be an arm and a leg in cost. Well after sleeping on it overnight.. i woke to see that i couldn't even stand on it and it was turning colors (green blue and purple in areas)
i was then told i should goto the hospital no matter the cost... i did listen.
well the finality of a 5 hour wait in a community hospital. the results were that i had tore the ligaments in both sides of my ankle. To add insult to injury the 3 xrays they took showed that i actually had a hairline fracture and actually a bone fragment that chipped off the larger bone. oh fuck!!!! is what i said..
but after consultation with the doctor.. he gave a great prognoses. I will heal pretty fast being as healthy as i am.. so crutches and a Velcro type boot shoe called a skiers boot (for support of ligaments) was given to me to use. he advises me to go as i thought it felt.. but usually the boot can stay on for healing from 6 weeks up. but being that my injury was not supper severe that maybe depending on how it felt and healed i could be outta it at least by 3 weeks. if i was careful.
well.. i did have a follow up visit with and ortho doctor to give me the final confirmation on how long and when to take it off..
well seeing that just the emergency room visit was costing me a couple thousand(of which i don't have to spend) i figured i would skip the ortho doctor visit.. since he is a specialist it woulda costed more than the whole thing put together.
So there it is.. the whole dreadful story.
so i just had to inform those of you that were hoping to see me in the next few appearances.. especially that dj in tampa that keeps writing me that it is his birthday the day of my event and that meeting me would be the highlight of his whole birthday.
I'm sorry bud.. i didn't intend to have this happen .. and i hope you still have a great birthday. One thing i do have to say is that the events that i am not able to do .. in future i will make a make up appearance just for the fact.. so.. be looking at my schedule.. i will put it there when i have talked with them for the events schedule to make it up.
ok enclosed i attached a few pics of me and the whole get up.. as well as a few pics of my ankle.. not looking so good.. mind you that i had iced it over night and had it propped up for most the day.. before i took the pic.. so you cant see all the swelling.


Doug said...

Ouch! Poor Vinnie. Sorry this happened to you, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinnie, It's Fahad (AKA Rebecca) from Bahrain, I'm really sorry to hear about your legs, I hope you get well soon, take care of yourself and don't rush next time, there's always another train.

Lots of love.

SHIMA said...

Hello. VINNIE.
Is the foot safe?
Please take care.
Please recover early and become energetic.
Moreover, I want to see energetic in the diary.

Anonymous said...


I'm really saddened to see you in such pain. Been there, done that myself, although not "exactly" the way it happened to you.

I didn't even know you were going to be in Saugatuck.. FUCK.. I'd definitely have taken off work to come see you. Still think your the hottest man on the planet. I've either seen or own every movie you've been in. All 17 of them. Of course Hazzard Zone isn't out yet. :(

Can't wait for more of you. Your a superstar in my book.

I just watched your scene in Boiler again this morning. LOVE it. I know you don't bottom often, but you look SO GOOD doing it.

I'm hoping beyond hope that you'll do a scene like Jason Ridge did in Cop Shack 2. It would be so hot to have 3 or 4 muscle studs working you over one after the other. (just a thought). lol

Your fan from Michigan


nosher said...

unlucky sunshine. please be very careful as a friend of mine did something similar and ended up in his boot for nearly 12 weeks after trying to go without it too soon.

so no tap dancing or ankles behind your ears for a while yet.

big hugs

by the way, is it strange to think you look sexy on crutches?

i think we should be told

luv ya


thonnibg said...

Oh gosh Vinnie,I`m so sorry to see what happened with your ankle!I can imagine how much it hurted.
But I`m happy to hear it will heal completely!Your health is the most important!I`m sure the fans will understand now why you cancelled the appearances.

And something to cheer you up:You look damn sexy even with a skiers boot on!:)

Much love and get better quick,Vinnie!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, looks painful.
But -selfish bastard as I am- I am glad to see a picture of your very nice toes.

Frank said...

Ross Hurston told me about your ankle injury yesterday.I'm glad that you will heal completely.Your health is very important,never take chances like not seeing a doctor if it hurts badly which I'm sure it did.Accidents do happen and the fans will understand.
Take care of yourself bud.

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! so sad to hear about what happened to you... dont worry, my prayers are always with you... hope youre better now...

Richard said...

I am sorry to read about your accident. A similar incident with my foot happened to me about 2 yeras ago, and I would be lying to say it healed quickly. It definitely takes time.

Thanks for your response to the email I sent last month. Let me state it again, but wow you are amazing in Falcon's Winter Heat!

I know New York would love to vist the city as well, so get well soon!

Sue said...

I am so sorry for what happened to you Vinnie. Please take the doctor's advise and stay off of the foot as long as he recommends or you will aggravate it for sure. Soft tissue injuries take a long time to heal. Wait until there is no pain at all to move on it.

I hate to get preachy, but this is why we need universal health care.

I guess getting physical therapy is out of the question?

Best of luck with your recovery!

mascdudewriter said...

Even on crutches you still look hot!

Hope you feel better soon.

wkramerdj said...

Sexy man get a second opinion. You don't want to find out you should have ..... fill in the blank. Then its back to square one with a probable longer healing time...

and it will be tempting but avoid the weight bearing leg workouts... since your sex knees are still good stick to extension / curl leg movements. No presses... and yes rehab to the ankle area after you heal up. The area will atropy a bit.

I just had knee surgery 3 months ago and only now are the curling and leg extensions are you actually will still be able to work the hotness.... woof!

B.O said...

hi Vinnie I hope that your feet already this much better,
Big Kiss from Spain

Richard said...

How is your injury healing?