Tuesday, May 27, 2008

IML Chicago 2008

Well.. the weekend went pretty trying. I am exhausted from it all. From having a friend over for the weekend to all the events i had to do.. i am beat. But im sure a day of rest is due and i will recuperate. It was great meeting you fans out there. I had an overwhelming response this year of fans. I only made very brief visits to the booths this year. So when i did i got flooded with people that wanted to meet me in person. That was very nice feeling. Thank you to all you devoted fans out there!
As for iml its self.. i have been to many and it was just another reason to party and celebrate our masculinity and fuck our brains out. I do have a few pics of the events i did. I am gonna include them in the one entry here!!
On another topic i did not win an award at the grabby's of which i was a little upset at first. But when i was told that it usually signifies that your career is over felt a little better i didn't win any!!. Jason ridge won an achievement award. and it was the first he had in his 5 year career. So being that he is still big and it is the first he received i feel better. Although it would have been nice to receive at least one. Oh well there is always next year. I will cross my fingers and fuck my brains out till then!! Oh speaking of fucking my brains out, i did win the pornstar that uses the most lube!! of which i won a lube basket.. lol.. funny as hell!!

Presenting the Video Clip for Gunnery Sgt MCcool in the uniform i wore in the movie

I won a Basket of Lube at the Grabby's

Presenting with titan models

Lotsa Pis of performance at Metro for Ralphi Rosario Event
Logan Mcgee, Damien Crosse, & Me

Vinnie's Backside

Stve Cruz

Ricky Sinz

Steve Cruz stripping Vinnie


Steve Crux, Vinnie, Damien Crosse

Vinnie & Steve Cruz

Autographed copy of signed pic of me i donated to iml for the winners of iml!!

Logan, Vinnie, & Ricky Sinz

2 guys i thought were hot at iml walking around in the market

Marco Da Silva ,Me & Tony Buff,having fun at the titan booth

I was told i should write a little more personal in my blogs as some do when they are telling there stories of all the interesting drugs there taking or how much drama that they went through. But i have come to this. I don't wanna spread anything bad. I am a person that wants positive around me!! Positive thinking and positive people. I believe highly that if you speak into existence, things that you want, it will happen. There is way to much pain and suffering out there in life to be bitching and complaining and being negative. So i pride myself in that things i share are positive things to talk about. Not bitch-fests like some people out there! All that for ratings.. or publicity. It is just not me!!
So to that effect. i will leave you with this thought!!
If we all just test this out one day. Just smile and say hi to everyone you come in contact with. Whether you know them or not. You will see the positive influence you have started will spread. Good cheer always makes more... as does bad cheer! whatever you project out of you in energy will also grow and catch on to others. So if all of us just make that attempt to be nice to people that we are surrounded by you will see that everyone will be happy to an extent and also your day will go by so much smoother. It is those that in there desperation exude these negative vibes and energy that cause there own headaches and problems as well as others. So try that little thing. it takes more energy to frown then to smile.
Life and people would be so much happier if they just cared about each other a little more!! be happy and live a life of happiness!!.. is your cup half empty? or half full?? there is too much negative in the world already today. Lets make an attempt to make our lives a better one living each day to its fullest.
this can give you a little glimpse into the person Vinnie D'Angelo is besides a pornstar.


thonnibg said...

Hey,Vinnie,great to see you had a wonderful time in Chicago!

Thx for all these AWESOME pics!

And a big thank you for your positive energy you send to us from your great blog!!


Doug said...

Great pics, Vinnie, especially those performance pics, looks like a hot time. Love your philosophy of life, too. Hope you are getting some rest after the big weekend.

thonnibg said...

BTW Vinnie,I too expected you`ll win an award.I had my fingers crossed,but...But hey,this doesn`t belittle your great qualities AT ALL!

We love you and your work,Vinnie!No matter if you get any award or not!And believe me we appreciate everything you`re doing for us.

Much love

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! first of all... im glad to know you enjoy the weekend... it shows on your photos... im sure, alot of your fans and friends are happy to see new pics of you... regarding the awards, dont worry about it, theres always next time... anyway,its not the awards that matters, what matters most is how the people think of what you are... like me, thought you dont win any individual awards, for me, youre still a winner... one of the best ive ever known... during the Grabbys, you look hot in uniform... and lastly, id like to tell you that i learn a lot from you, specially on how to be positive at all times... and regarding problems, well, just keep it to ourselves and try to overcome them... good luck on your upcoming tours and shoots!
take care, man...

B.O said...

Hoty and sexy pics, very funny
Big Kiss From Spain

Anonymous said...

I love what you've wrote Vinnie, about the positive stuff.

Lots of love,