Saturday, August 2, 2008

on the road to recovery

hello all. sorry i havent written anything lately but i really had nothing to report. i have been nursing my injuried ankle. So now i have to report that it is doing much much better. It was worrying me a little bit cause it didnt heal as fasst ass the doctors said it should. But that might be due to the strong pain medication they gave me(Vicadin). Well being on that takes all the pain away so it is like not feeling anything to warn me that im doing to much for that day. Until the next day when it is sore and swollen. Well i am doing much better the swelling still exists but no bruising and it looks like a normal foot finally again. although it is still swelling up from time to time and i have to take it easy walking on it still. It is not a 100% yet but getting close i think its about 75% healed now.
On another subject the cost for the hospital bill is enormous. $5000.00 man i am telling you how this fucking country is a scam on medical stuff or what. If you dont have medical insurance they still charge you an arm and a leg. I only went to emergency room and waited 5 hours to see a doctor. had 3 x-rays and got cruches and a brace.. how does that cost $5000 dollars.
so i am asking for help from my supporters and fans out there and if anyone can help me by donating some money to help me pay this hospital bill i would be greatly appreciative. You see there is no such thing ass pornstar medical insurance.. and although it happened when i was just finished with a shoot, im sure the studio is not gonna help me with it.
So if any of you out there have it in your heart to help me you can send it thru paypal to that is my paypal account. anything that you can donate will be helpful. thnx again.
oh by the way unyipped magayine is doing an article on this subject as well with a few pics of me in there with a hardon with cruches. so check it out.
ok sorry there are no pictures to show at this point. but i promise the next posting will have some.cheers


Doug said...

Glad your ankle is getting better, though I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. Hope things get better soon.

thonnibg said...

Great to hear your ankle is getting better,Vinnie!Wonderful news!

Hope a lot of people will respond to your call for help!God damn,such a high cost.That is a robbery:)

Hugs and kisses

P.S.Can`t wait to see your pics for the Unzipped magazine.

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! im so glad youre feelin better now... regarding the help, of course, you know me, that ill do anything if i can... ill see what i can do in the next few days...
have a nice day for now!
take care ;-)

Anonymous said...

so expensive. be lucky. take care.