Monday, May 19, 2008

Well i know i haven't written anything in awhile. I have a few fans hitting me up to write something. So here it goes. Haven't been doing much lately except a trip to Miami for leisure. Yes every once in awhile i try and get away on some free time from being a pornstar. Although i am recognized everywhere i go i am not in the capacity of any event or publicity appearance here in miami.
I do have some plans for the future though. So if you guys out there would like to help me. I am open to suggestions. I will be setting up parties for some tours that i am planning to do. Unfortunately i don't know many big capacity clubs to goto in different countries. But once i find out... either by fans writing me or by my own endeavors.... i will be showing up with other big name pornstar for an appearance overseas. Either South America or Europe. So be looking for me out there and if you have any contact info on huge clubs, lets say like 1000 capacity or more, let me know via email....
I will be coming with big names such as Damien Crosse, Steve Cruz, and a few others left undisclosed at this time.
So that is what is on my agenda. Getting out to other countries to meet you great fans out there.
On the home front. I will be at IML for the festivities. So see ya there to those who are going. Then back to filming in San Fran.
Alright enough for now. See ya out there!!


Doug said...

Hey Vinnie. Looking good! Hope you're having a great time during the big IML week-end. Good luck with the future plans!

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! all i can say is that you look good as always and gettin better... like the face pic you have, man ;-) by the way, thats a good thing to do, have relaxation from time to time so youll stay fit and healthy... also good luck to the Grabbys, im praying youll bring home something... also good luck to your scene with Logan next week... hope enjoy the whole IML weekend!

thonnibg said...

Best of luck at the Grabbys tonight,Vinnie!!!