Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jacksonville Metro Event

Metro was a great bar filled with many variations of people.. from gay to straight.. and something in between.
Top floor being a female strip bar to the drag bar on the first floor in back to the dance floor with main stage with male strippers and entertainers like me.
The people that manage and staff the bar there were great hosts and made my visit a pleasant one.
While watching a little bit of Chi Chi's hosting and performance i recorded some small clips of her on stage.

Here are a few pics of me and Blake Riley on stage.. which shows how much fund we had.
Check it out.. and see what you missed.


Doug said...

Those last few pics are gorgeous, especially the very last one.

thonnibg said...

I`m speechless,Vinnie!!!
Such a hot appearance!

And damn,how do you make that sexy face(first pic):)


ronron said...

well, you look very beautiful, as usual... i wish i were Blake! LOL ;-)

Frank said...

Vinnie always knows how to make a hot appearance even when he doesn't know it.Hehe thats the sexy face Vinnie makes all the time Toni.

mascdudewriter said...

fucking hot pics, dude. been a long time fan of yours