Thursday, October 11, 2007

San Fran Folsom St Fair.

folsom st fair .. look how free people are.. wow i think he was just hot.. but it was 50 degrees out there

francesco a fan and i

vinnie, francesco, & roman ragazzi

Hello guys. sorry i haven't posted much on my blog lately.. but i have been very very busy and haven't had time to do so. I'm sure you understand. Although i brought my camera with me the camera malfunctioned so i lost all the pics that i had until i get this camera replaced i will be counting on you great guys out there that took pictures of me to send them to me to share with all you out there that could not be there in person to enjoy the events as well.
So if you have photos of the events i did in folsom street fair , magnitude party, or ft lauderdale i would be greatful if you forward them to me to put on this blog.
Please send to
thnx again.
Well just to give you a little of the events i did. There was a great show i did with the rest of the Hothouse guys called Magnitude Party. Of which there was live sexual things going on the stage.
Sorry you guys missed it but it was a party stoping show that we put on. The club owners said it is the first time they seen a crowd of a thousand stop dancing to watch what was going on up on the stage. All i can say is that i was pretty sweaty(actually dripping sweat) on the stage by the time our performance was finished.
Folsom Street Fair was a great event that i was able to mingle with the fans out there and took many many photos with people. was great seeing you guys out there again.
Also be looking for the next video we shot while i was there: Verboten 2
with an allstar cast.


ron-ron said...

hi Vinnie! you seem to be very happy during the event... how i wish i live near so i could party with you... by the way, ive got some pics of you at the Folsom - i got somewhere in the net, just tell me if youd like me to send it to you...
good luck on your european tour!

Tom said...

Yeah, you sure were busy there at the booth at Folsom. You guys always present yourselves very well to the fans at these events.

I do have a photos I took of you at Folsom which I'll email you. It was one I took with a friend's camera that he rigged to take infra-red photos. It's a pretty cool shot.