Thursday, October 11, 2007

FT Lauderdale Torpedo bar event

This event was good.. and glad to see all you that came out.
props to Stephen Lang of The Mad Paparazzi on for taking such great pics of me for this event.(since my camera was outta commision)
I always appreciate fans out there that take great pics and get them to me. Its always nice to see great pics from different prospectives.
Enjoy the pictures.

Not sure if you guys noticed.. but before i did this gig.. i did a little change to my facial hair. Interested in hearing whether you guys like it or not. Had a few comments that it was like the 70's video's porn mustache.
I prefer the stach and goatee myself.


zot said...

I did notice just the ' like freaking hot! But I do prefer the goatee and mustache, grrr!

Doug said...

I like the new look, though yeah it does look very 70's pornstar, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

ron-ron said...

hi there Vinnie! well, you look gorgeous. all i can say is that you look great whatever you do to your hair (everywhere). i still admire you more than anyone else... its very hard to find someone who doesnt only look very nice + down to earth attitude. well, but i find that in you! keep it up, man!

Tom said...

I think you really do rock the goatee.

But it's true, also, that you look perfectly hot with the 'stache alone.

The photos for this appearance are great.


Doug said...

Just read about your David Award for "Best American Performer". Congratulations!