Thursday, September 6, 2007

Saugatuck Resort (just a chill)

Vinnie just chillin

Nathan(a Friend) and Vinnie

Nathan (the friend that deaf boy pulled away), Rocko (cute bartender), & Vinnie D

Here is a few things i do on my spare time in the capacity of a regular guy. I do as well enjoy the things that usual people do as well. Being a regular down to earth person as you know me.. this will give you a softer side of Vinnie Dangelo on his downtime.
Not much of a party person i hang out with friends on the beach or at resorts and just have fun and unwind. With occasional fanatic fans that attack me on occasion. The story was kinda funny. A deaf guy that was drunk off his knockers found some fascination with me at Saugutuck in the dunes bar. He first attacked my friend that was with me doing a little tug of war with him.. trying to get him away from me.. i grabbed my friend around his waist trying to rescue him by holding him there, but to no avail. once i let go, my friend got pulled away and here came the deaf guy, Hands up in the air all sweaty, drunk, and a mess. He tried to come towards me when i kinda backed up. He still came at me, having missed the first try, hands up in the air kinda like a gorilla would.. lol
It was really really funny. Allot of my friends tried to stop him from coming at me but he just seemed too determined to do so. He was starting to become belligerent. So to the point the security came and thru and kicked him out. Well all i have to say is thank you for the compliment of wanting to hug me.. but please be in control of yourself if you want to meet me. I'm sorry to say that this person was passionate enough to get thrown out.. but was a little too much. On my downtown i kinda just want to lend in with everyone else and just be a person. Sometimes that not an option. But i still try.
Well the rest of the trip went very well. I went to the beach with the dunes int he back. Being a private beach alot of the gay men there go up into the dunes and layout naked, and of course you know people cruz each other and so on.
Well decided to see what the dunes look liked and well to see if any hot guys were there to see as eye candy. I'm not one to play out in the open cuz you all know i am so so shy...... lol (yeah right).
Anyways the sand was so hot i couldn't stay for long and had to run back to the beach into the water, cuz the bottom of my feet got burnt from the hot sand in the dunes. The bottom of my feet are very sensitive since i am a city guy. So they did get burnt. Did not blister, thank god, but were painfully sensitive.
I did meet some great guys out there and seen allot of my fellow Chicagoan's , and made a few more friends while i was there also.
The 2 friends i made happened to own some cabins in the hills close to the beach so we had a nice retreat into the cabin. (or should i say the 3 surrounding cabins)
It was a pleasant end to a day along with my best friends that i came with and the new ones i had just made.
It was nice cuz one of my friends
After relaxing amongst a great group, we listened to my friend play the piano. You see my new friends just happened to have a very nice piano.
After a nice concert, food, and drinks, We drove back to Chicago very relaxed and stress free, Having enjoyed our little git-away.
Here are a few pics inside the dunes bar.


Doug said...

Good to see you back on the blog, Vinnie. Glad you got some relaxing time in, despite the rabid fan attack.

Ron :-) said...

you look hotter than ever, Vinnie! im glad to see you with now blogs. regarding the fan that attack you, well, it might happen if we meet, but if youll ask me to behave, i will, of course, i dont want to disappoint you by acting the way you dont want your fans too... hope to see you visiting my area soon... im sure youll gonna love the beaches here too...
Ron :-)

BetONjazz said...

So, have to organize also a BodyGuard services? ;)

Big hug, sexy!

Tallulah Morehead said...

Vinnie darling,

I was shocked, SHOCKED, to see your new pictures. Where is God's Floss, aka, your chest hair?

I had just eaten this Sloppy Joe (Joe gets really sloppy during sex, especially if he's knocked back a few.) and I had a bit of Joe stuck between two of my teeth. But when I checked out your new pictures to see if I could floss my favorite way, by scraping my choppers down your adorable furry pecs, I find only smooth, useless skin. SHAME!

Your body should be declared a National Park by the Federal Government, as your big, tasty nipples are as awesome as Half Dome or El Capitan in Yosemite, and your hot mancream guyser below is steamier and more breathtaking than Old Unfaithful. That way, your body hair would be a National Manfur Forest, and people would be arrested if they so much as manscaped a single strand of it. The next person to shave or wax your marvelous chest floss would end up in Federal Prison, where they would belong.

God knows I sympathize with the problems of fighting off excessively enthusiastic fans, (My lifelong cross to bear.) but did you stop to think it might be YOUR fault? He was probably just crazed with grief, horror, and loss when he saw your hairless chest, with it's large, unprotected nipples.

Restore the D'Angelo National Manfur Forest. And next time you're tempted to pick up a razor, stop and ask yourself The Question: "What would Arpad do?", and then you'll drop that nasty blade.

(Or were you just trying to fight Global Warming, by trying to reduce your incedible hotness? If so, cut it out. I'm more than willing to lose a couple glaciers if it means keeping you hairy.)