Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Berlin Hustlaball

francesco and vinnie before the show in the dressing room.. wow!!so much for privacy.

during the show

sorry couldn't show any of the nude pics.. but you get the idea

fracesco and vinnie

This event in Berlin was great.. there was like 4000 people there and it was a great experience enjoying partying with many of you fans out there. Berlin being in the mid winter was not as cold as i expected having to wear only a light jacket or sweater of which was pleasant.
If you have never gone to hustlaball it is an experience to remember.
above are some shots of the event and performance that francesco and i put on. Of course we went nude and fucked on stage but unfortunately the laws here governing the web in the USA don't allow nudity or you risk being taken down.. so had to be there to see but these are the tamest pics i could muster up. Hope you enjoy.


ronron said...

well, you look so gorgeous than ever... francesco is hot ... but you are greater! im glad you enjoy the event... hope to get a copy of some nudes :-)

Doug said...

You are going to have to get Hot House to put the two of you together in a scene on film.