Tuesday, October 23, 2007

David Awards-Hustlaball Berlin

the David-award ceremony

Vinnie just awarded and showing some love! hostess and Alex Baressi

All of us looking at the trophy and its inscription (Best American Actor)

Alex Baressi and Vinnie (2 that showed up that were nominated the other was Blake Riley

wow i was very happily surprised to be nominated for an award at this event.. it was a true honor.Then with the surprise of winning the award for "Best American Actor"!!
Thank you so much all you out there in europe that support me and for your admiration enough to award me such an honorable title. It means alot to me from all the hard work i have done to make a success in this cut throat business. Cheers and salute to you out there
(the Vinnie D'Angelo fan)!! Without you out there i wouldn't be where i am today!!
A few pictures of the award ceremony and my accepting the award.


ronron said...

what else can i say but CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve that award... but dont forget to keep your feet on the ground and change for the better... some people who after being successful sometimes do stupid things like drugs... you are perfect, man, you dont need anything to be improved... cause you are at your best... just stay that way and be cool with life! wish you more for the cuming ... i mean coming years!

Tallulah Morehead said...

Darling, congratulations.

How wise and tasteful of the Germans. It almost makes me want to forgive them for spending 4 years (1942-1945) trying to kill my father (They kept shooting at him. It was awful!), which would have prevented me from even being conceived, let alone grow up to watch you on my TV while touching myself inappropriately.

Incidentally, I bought TRUNKS 4: WHITE HEAT, and your scene with the also hot and hairy Nick Marino is a scorcher. How I envied that suntan oil that Nick was slathering on your perfect body. Yummy!

So how about sharing your observations on the Chi Chi vs Treasure Island Media barebacking dust-up at the ceremony?

I adore you excessively. Cheers darling.