Thursday, September 6, 2007

Atlanta Wetbar

Hello out there.. sorry for such a time to be off and no entry but i had a littile time off and wanted to just absorb myself into regular life for awhile.
so here is the latest appearance that i did with C.J. Knight.
we were at this great bar in atlanta called wetbar. i was impressed at the inside of it.. so many rooms with different themes and atmospheres. If you have never been there you need to check it out. It is comparitive to my favorite bar that is no longer there called backstreet. so cj and i had to do a show on a 4 foot by 4 foot square box.. funny as hell.. but you can see that we had not much room to do much so the pics are really about posing more than anything. But the owners seemed to enjoy it since they wanted a private performance in there apartment later on (no pun intended).
It was great to socialize with them and enjoy there beautiful apartment. I would go back again when invited. They made the experience enjoyable. ok enough for now.. enjoy the pics
p.s. this will be the first time you will see me without a hairy torso.
a new feature here i just discovered. click here to check out the short vids of the show. again on a 4x4 box so cant really do much enjoy!!


Ron :-) said...

hi Vinnie! im so excited with just looking at your new pics. hmmm... you still look good, smooth or hairy, it doesnt matter... hmm... but having a smooth one is HOT... hope to see you that way in one of your upcoming projects...
Ron :-)

Doug said...

Love the pics. I posted a couple with links back here on my blog.

SYNRGY said...

damn, damn, damn... I can't believe I missed you guys when you were here... I had the pleasure of meeting Francesco at WetBar back in early summer... It was my first time there... It is an incredible space... I really like SkyBar (upstairs)
That sure is a tiny little stage for two big men... I'm sure you managed just fine... ;)

Horny Doug said...

Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie, because I worship you, I'll let the chest-shaving slide just this once, provided you grow it all back immediately! But NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shave, trim or wax the GORGEOUS hair on your MAGNIFICENT tits again! There are too many smoothies out there as it is.

Only girls should shave their chests.

And I speak as a fan who has purchased, not just rented, three of your DVDs so far, and plan to buy more, as I can't get enough of you, but I won't be buying any in which your beautiful pecs are cruelly sheared. (I still haven't recovered from the shock of seeing Francesco D'macho's horribly bare tits when I bought TRUCKS 3.)

Love you, you hot, hairy sex god.