Monday, July 9, 2007

San Fran as a tourist.

Just recapturing the beauty of life and living.

Steve loves showing me his ass.

Of course we had to have a little fun time release.

Steve Cruz and Vinnie. Made it to the top!!

Vinnie on the mountain looking down.

Closer view of the city from above the clouds on the mountain.

Best view of the city above the clouds.

Look at this windy road up the mountain. The fear of heights started kicking in, or should i say the fear of falling off of a mountain.

Beautiful scenery on the way up the mountain

A Deer within arm reaching distance in the redwood trees.

Looking from afar wanting to go over to alcatraz but didnt get tickets in advance.

The closest i got to Alcatraz.

Vinnie in San Fran.

Close up of the view of city thru the Golden Gate bridge.

Steve Cruz & Vinnie at best view of city without fog!

In my whole career as for filming and such in San Fran i hadn't had a chance yet to go and venture out and see the true beauty of San Francisco. So as a tourist after my last movie filming i extended my visit a few days to see the sites. As a friend of mine (Steve Cruz) shows me the sites, here are a few pics i took as tourists.
I tried to goto alcatraz but it seems you have to buy tickets in advance to go there. Didnt know it was soo popular to have to buy tickets in advance, so i just took pictures of it from afar, but i did get a chance to goto Mt Tamalpias where the view of San Fran was amazing above the clouds and thru the golden gate bridge and also Muir Woods where the largest, prehistoric trees in the world still exist(the Giant Redwoods & Douglas furs).
Even got some candid shots of me and Steve Cruz playing around although i was sick as a dog with a fever for 3 days from the pride parade were we was wearing speedo's on the fire engine float(the things we do for our art and to look good). All better now after 2 weeks. Thank God!!

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robotsluvme said...

So interesting how you can see the fog roll in. Looks like a huge ghost.