Tuesday, July 10, 2007

August 2007 Issue of Unzipped

I am so proud to announce (after being notified by a fan) that i am the model for the cover and centerfold of the august 2007 edition of Unzipped Magazine. It was a pleasant surprise cuz those of you out there that a subscribers of the magazine regularly get the issues before even we knew about it. Thnx to you out there that notified me. I hope you like it. I will have signed issues for those of you fans out there that would like one. Goto my website at WWW.Vinniedangelo.com

I have created a new store for those of you fans out there that like items that have the Vinnie Dangelo scent on them, such as previously wore Jockstraps, autographs, and other items. Check it out while supplies last. Dont forget to nominate me for the cybersocket best website by clicking the blinking cybersocket icon on the home page.
I will be making an appearance in 2 clubs this month in Pittsburg.
Images bar & Club Pittsburgh for those in Pittsburgh that have been waiting for me to come there.
See ya there.


Doug said...

Congrats on the cover feature, Vinnie. Looking great!

Rodrigo said...

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Doug said...

Hey, Vinnie, I just saw the Trunks 4 trailer, and it looks fantastic. So hot!

Ron said...

this is probably the best issue of this mag. congrats Vinnie!