Friday, July 6, 2007

Trunks 4 behind the scenes.

Nick Marino & Vinnie on set of film Trunks 4.

Candid shot of Vinnie burning up in the sun.

During some still photography for the film.

Brent(creative director of hothouse) and Vinnie.

Hey can you put some lotion on my back?

Well can't show you nudity on the blog but here is close as you get. A reflection of some action.

After the tragedy of Kent North, it threw me for a loop. What a nice guy for something like that to happen it just put me in a very sad mood for awhile. Sorry about not putting entry's in here but i had to give it all a rest to recuperate for his sake.
Now i am back and there are a few things i missed to put in so i will do it now. Enjoy.
Here are a few pics behind the scenes of me and my scene partner Nick Marino on the set of Trunks 4 that was filmed in may.

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Ron said...

ive already seen the trailer... and im so excited to see the whole movie,specially your scene with Nick... it looks you both enjoy one anothers performance... Vinnie, youre one of the best in the business... just keep it up and the good attitude.
Ron :-)