Tuesday, May 29, 2007

International Male Leather (IML)

The Grabby awards was awesome and hothouse came home with 11 awards. so check out the pics below.
also..off to Orlando in one day to Gay Disney. See ya there!!

Kent North and Vinnie

C.J Knight & Vinnie

This guy was a hot one from the booth acrost from us named dirty pig.as u can see below.

making this pig get dirty.

Sexy Johny Hazard & Vinnie at cell block.. Communion release party.

Look at this man of my dreams. (roman & Vinnie) Had to at least get a kiss..

Colt Models (nothing but muscle) i like to be in a muscle sandwich everyonce in awhile.

1st threesome.. not really, but was a hot kiss..

House of blues party we all were hanging out and relaxing.
Tyler Riggs(My next scene partner), Steve Cruz & Blake. I took the picture.

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Doug said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love the triple kiss with the Colt guys. And Roman, too! What lucky guys they are to get to snuggle with you.