Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New movie, Tough Stuff, check it out on my website.

co star Kye Grant, producer Michael Clift, and Vinnie D'angelo before the first scene on that day. brrr.. it was cold.. it was a real fixer upper construction job!!

Hot Arpad Miklos and me getting ready for our scene that day.

Serious looks .. lol

Ok the professional pose.

For those of you out there wondering what i have been up to lately. Well i have been recuperating from the long trip to Europe. what a great time i had.. but it is very exhausting having so much fun.. lol.. getting back to your regular routine is a killer after so much fun.
I have a full itinerary after all that time over there and resting at home. Iml, grabby awards show(I'm a presenter there) also gay Disney Orlando. Then i will be off to do an event in New York. After that i will be off to San Fran for more filming and gay Pride there. so all of June i will be on the go. Hopefully some of you out there in New York will have the chance to meet me in person. since i have gotten lotsa emails asking when i will be coming there. See ya soon guys. cheers!!

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Doug said...

Saw the trailer the other day at the Hot House site. Looks hot! I love these behind the scenes pics. You and Arpad look great together, cut from the same gorgeous cloth.