Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Home at last.

Ok... so my trips where great but exhausting. After one day back in usa i rested and then the next day off to shoot new movie in palm springs(trunks 4). A epic in proportions to the original.. and the on going series for all you out there that enjoy bathing suits and a great tan line. The scene was great with Nick Marino as a scene partner for me. Hot Hot scene. check it out when it is released.
So finally a rest for the weary. I have been really busy and now i have a little time off to recuperate from the jet lag from europe. Although it is nice to get up early. I don't like going to bed early.

Alright enough for now. I will See you all at IML here in Chicago and at the Grabby Awards( I am an awards presenter at the show)

Here is a great pic with someone i work with called Roma. He is one of the world renowned Sista's. Everywhere i go.. there are Sista's. Even in europe. What a big club.
I always enjoy his company or should i say her company(sorry). This picture was taken on the set of the filming of Communion. This film is a great great film. You Have to see it!!!


b.Frank said...

Hi Vinnie,
hows life? Is it sexy to be shooting Trunks 4? I think you are really envious, being so sexy and then getting to have so much fun with the boys on the set...wish I could join your business;-)
Take care,
Frank, the shirtcatcher

Tom said...

Hey Vinnie!

Glad you're back home safe and that you dived right back into work! Miss seeing you out here in L.A.; hope you'll swing by ChiChi's Dirty Deeds club again soon.

See you in Chicago for IML/the Grabbys!